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Election 2008- I've made a decision



I am now solidly in support of Barack Obama. I have no doubt that he is a much better candidate than John McCain, and I know he will be a better leader. All McCain wants to do is promote the same failed policies of George W. Bush. That is not simply unacceptable. It is reprehenisible. George W. Bush is a disgrace to the office of the President of the United States. He should go on trial for treason, and the asshole should be sent to Leavenworth (federal prison) where he belongs. If McCain is going to promote similar policies, he is no better and probably deserves the same fate.


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Obama aside, those are some pretty hefty charges. Does the man have screwed up policies? Yeah, but tell me a president in your lifetime that didn't have screwed up policies. And while screwed up polices are costly and horrible, I don't see how they qualify as treason. Your allowed your opinion and thats great, but when you start saying such things, and I mean no offense, just want to give you a heads up, you sound like a extremest leftist nut case. We both know that isn't what you are :)

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Steve, a lot of people are upset because of his policies. I'm not far on the left, but I am passionately anti-Bush these days. There are so many people who thing he has broken the law, so I am far from alone in my thinking.

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there's nothing wrong with being on the extreme left. the thing about political discourse which most people don't think about enough is that if you're on the 'extreme left,' the unsaid tag is 'to everyone else.' i do not want to be like most people i meet. that's not to say that i'd ostracize myself politically just to be different from them. it's just to say that if anyone's views differ greatly from that majority, no alarms should go off.


mccain is unimpressive, and his political tactics are nauseating. those commericials calling obama the biggest celebrity while showing pictures of spears and hilton should make the GOP feel embarrassed.

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