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Labor Day Weekend

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I'm really glad we've got a long weekend coming up. This past week has been crazy busy, and one of my project managers has been on vacation all week, so I've had to pick up about half of her workload, in addition to my own. To make matters worse, on Wednesday, our whole network went down, and I was stuck at the office until after 9 PM supervising our IT guy as he troubleshooted the issue. We finally figured out that it was a problem with the firewall. It's never pleasant when our network goes down, because it affects our internet connection, internal network, phones ... everything. Basically, we can't do any work, and since we're a transactional business, the work piles up FAST.


Our Chief Operating Officer and I have come to realize that we really need more manpower to handle the volume and complexity of work we've been receiving. Unfortunately, convincing our Ownership to bring on new employees is like pulling teeth from an angry wolverine. We're shooting for a hire in the next 60 days or so, so hopefully it will happen. I've started interviewing prospects, and yesterday interviewed probably the hottest guy I've ever met. We all like him a lot and would love to bring him on immediately ... it's now up to Ownership to decide if we can pull the trigger. I currently manage a team of 7 employees (plus hundreds of sub-contractors), but the new guy would be my own personal assistant, therefore working VERY closely with me ... *sigh* :wub: And did I mention that he's REALLY hot??? I mean really, really, really HOT ...


Anywho, Chapter 5 of WISYA is now posted. As usual, Sharon did a wonderful editing job! Please stop by the discussion forum and let me know your thoughts. Feedback is what keeps me inspired to write, so please don't be shy ... *nudge nudge*

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