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I lived. No promises on the next four months...



My work, in its infinite wisdom, has once again screwed me over. This is one of the moments I wish I was a little less imaginative, because I can completely understand why they are making the changes they are making, and that they in no way are doing it to "get" me. While the situation would suck no less, irrational anger is fun and makes the time pass.


Ah well. At least the concentrated stress of the last month is over, and we're hitting our natural lull. I can't say I have my life back until at least May, but where there's life there's hope I suppose. I did give up on plucking out the gray, so I'm developing a small crop which no one notices except me. Thank you bright lights and healthy hair shine.


I hope everyone had a happy holiday season, and I look forward to this "cool weather" business giving up and going back to Illinois, where it belongs.




Edit: Forgot to add, the holiday furlough of my nightmares ended yesterday. There were a series of stories involving a haunted airship (think Final Fantasy) where I was: the sole survivor of a shipwreck that turned the other passengers and crew into ghosts; a woman trapped in a time warp created by ship itself, aging decades overnight; the son of that same woman, working to free her from her torment. It was a bit confused, but I wager my back brain was still warming up. Today may be more coherent.

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:( I'm sorry you had to work... I was really looking forward to meeting you. Maybe sometime when you have some time off to sleep and breathe and, you know, live a little, we can get together.


Take it easy :D


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