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Some things that drive me nuts



#1: People who do the hot and cold thing. Okay, first of all, it seems pretty stupid. I am one who often let's people know what's on my mind. I prefer to know what's going on. My imagination can run wild. It makes it hard for me to sleep and just leads to confusion, frustration, and tension. Tell me how it is. Don't try to save face and avoid the issues. I am no some naive teenager. I'm an adult who just likes to know what's up. I hate mind games.


#2: Just because I don't get along with a particular person for whatever reason does not mean that you should go and say cruel things about that person. Chances are that I do actually like that person deep down but just can only deal with that person on a limited basis. Making fun of that person for things that he or she cannot help will still piss me.


#3: I really need a job. I am bored out of my effing mind, and I really need money like yesterday. I have been looking for work since I got here, and I really feel like I deserve a break.


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