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Bad knee!



I am trying very hard not to be overly depressed about this because we are in Flagstaff, AZ, and that's a long way from home. Day before yesterday I drove from Moab, UT, to Moriarty, NM, 432 miles which isn't all that far considering we stopped a few times to stretch the legs, but it was no use.


The knee I had surgery on isn't as well as I thought. In fact, it's almost back to being a bad knee.


Yesterday we drove from Moriarty to Flagstaff, with a side trip through Petrified Forest NP (lots of photos) and Meteor Crater (didn't pay $15 per per to see hole in ground I saw on "Nova" a couple years ago). Today we were going to go up to Tuba City or down to Jerome, but I think we're going to head toward the next stop toward home.


Road trips with bad knees are a definite pain and, while the oxycodone makes me feel okie-dokie, I'd rather not have to use it while I'm supposed to be on vacation.


I think we'll go to Kingman today. There's a long stretch of Old Route 66 through Peach Springs I might take and maybe stop at the Grand Canyon Caverns, too. Maybe we'll just hang around Flagstaff until the oxycodone wears off and I can drive again.




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