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longest update ever... (my computer better not eat this before I can post it)



This entry is being made from my laptop that has pretty much made a full recovery, thanks to the AMAZING work done by Rich :wub: I didn't lose ANYTHING!! And... he got to reformat it like he's been nagging me to do...


I started at my new (old) store yesterday. It's okay, I remember a few faces, and they remember me (after 8 years). The store director is... okay. One girl I worked with at the last store said, "He's a different kind of bird," and almost everyone that asked, when I told then his name, made some face so... I guess we'll see. It's only about five minutes shorter on the commute, but it's ridiculous in there cause they have no help! Today was my second day, and my day off, and at 7:30am they were calling me to see if I would come in and work. Also, the book keeper is RUDE, but I managed to give her a taste of her own medicine today, so that was fun.


Bette was here visiting and that was nice. She put a seatbelt on in Nancy's car! :o I found out that she doesn't like pizza!!! WTF!? Anyway, she's gone now, but it was fun seeing her, if not a bit exhausting. That's not her fault though, I've been so stressed out about so many other things lately... I'm always exhausted... which leads to being sad, I guess.


Some crazy psycho person from a subsidiary of our mortgage company left a notice on our front door Saturday morning at 2 am... right after they called us :angry: saying that our house would be sold on April 2nd, due to default and non-payment. So I calmly peeled it off the front door and stuck it to my bedroom door and went to work so that when Rich woke up and it wasn't 5:30 am, he could call them and find out wtf is going on. Well, he did and the loan company said we were current (which I knew we were, hence the non-panic) and to disregard the notice. So then he calls the number on the notice and it turns out that this company with the crazy psycho notice hanger, is a part of our mortgage company!! So he called yesterday and talked to someone who said that someone else didn't do something they were supposed to (obviously) and so he would clear it all up and fix it.


Rich's brother showed up... and is pissing me off! He called a few weeks back to tell us that his longtime girlfriend was on drugs and he hadn't seen her in 2 weeks, and that he was being evicted and had to put his dog to sleep, the girlfirend's mom has their two kids, and he needs someplace to go. Apparently my house is the only place he has left... so he travels from Washington on a Greyhound bus and then it begins... He called to say he was going to arrive Sunday morning at 7 am... but then he got on the wrong bus, and so he wants us to pick him up in LA on Saturday night 10pm. Well, Rich says he can't, he has plans, and I can't cause his plans involve him having my car, so I end up calling their sister who agrees to pick him up so he won't have to wait in LA for the 4-hour layover and then ride the next bus to Anaheim. So they get here around 11:30ish. We go to bed, and in the morning I'm up getting ready for work when he comes into the bathroom to ask me if I can drive him to the hospital...


So, of course, I ask why he needs to go to the hospital, and he tells me it's because he's going through withdrawls and is hoping that the doctor will give him something to make it easier. I take him as far as I can without deterring my route to work, and make him walk the rest of the way, and then I get home and he has his prescriptions sitting in my living room where my kids can get them. So, I move them and tell him he can't leave that stuff around like that. Rich sat him down and told him that we're upset because I had made it VERY clear that no one, on any drugs, could come here. So after talking to him, Rich decided to give him a week to detox and see if he is making an effort in finding a job. Then he used a lighter we have for a BBQ/stove and left it where the kids could get it and not where he got it from. THEN... Rich had washed some laundry and he took our clothes out of the washer and left them on top of our dryer, WET, so he could wash his stuff in the middle of the night! His bags are STILL in my living room... instead of in the guest room... and I'm pissed, but I think I said that already.


On top of all that, it seems I'm either overbearing or overshadowing or overreacting or some other something in some form of excessiveness.


On my last day at my old store (that I was at for 6 years) I got some really pretty flowers that are currently sitting on my nightstand and Zoey is enjoying sniffing them repeatedly, a cake, and a card that said, "Loving you is easy... missing you is hard." I concur... I applied for a snazzy corporate job, I'm not holding my breath, but we'll see if I get it.


On to a totally personal and inappropriate public survey if you'll all overlook that... I'll explain by way of a story.


I was telling Rich a while back that it is my belief that a large majority of men have tasted their own... stuff. He disagreed vehemently. A couple weeks later, he was listening to Howard Stern and they have some straight guy on who does gay porn because he makes like... WAY more money doing that than straight porn, and then somehow it came up in conversation that he had tasted his own... stuff. Of course, Rich was like :o and tells me all about this interview he heard, mostly to discuss how a straight guy could do gay porn, and then of far less importance, the tasting issue. Anyway, long story short... if you feel like answering or have an opinion one way or the ther about the typical behavior of ALL guys, feel free to share.


Trying to stay sane, happy, and be patient all at the same time...



PS. My opinion on the straight guy doing gay porn is... millions of people can't be wrong... and if he is doing porn anyway, why not make the most out of it? Also, we like boys :D


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Goodluck on getting the corporate job :)


So with that book keeper what did you say, a smart arse answer back? :D


On Truelife a one guy was on their and he was gonna tell his family he's doing gay porn, money tends to be better if they were doing straight porn. Just some of these straight guys are so not into doing it and that's a turn off.

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Hope everything is improving with Rich's brother... I, too, would be driven just as mad by the behaviour. If I was closer, then all we'd need to do is work out where to hide the body. *mwhahahahaha* :devil:


But on an update which hasn't had an update: how is Donavon doing? While not the praying type myself, I enlisted friends of the "prayer circle" at work, and they keep asking me for updates ('coz, see, it wouldn't be right for them to log on to a gay site and see any updates you might post :blink: )


Fingers and toes crossed for you for the corporate job!!!


David :)

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