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Could you see it if I told you the truth? That for you I would have died.

That because of you everything that was me has broken by your endless lies.

That I spend the days looking at others as they find each other, when no one

finds me and no one bothers.


Could you hate me if I did find another? Another that sees the person I

am. Another that dreams of seeing they way I see. Another that walks to

me as the rest just walk by me and put me in a place only I can be.


Could you miss me when I left? When my eyes find a deeper shade of

black after the hours I wept. When my breath finds reason to stop. When my

tears fall and the red blood seeps out by my hand to an infinite end

and a slow rot.


Could you finally understand? That I was yours until you gave me up.

That once upon a time it was real what we felt. That I understood what

we were meant to be and that no one but you could break through us and

make us you and me.

Edited by Mr. Jon
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