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Crash to Desktop on accessing Com's site

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Sounds like you have a serious problem with your java. Comsie's site is currently using a java-based countdown timer.


I'd try running Windows update to get all your updates first.


If that doesn't work, download Sun's Java and install it.

Or you can try shutting off Java in your internet options.

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Older browsers (very old) don't support frames, Comsie's site is a framed page site.. You don't say which browser or version number you're using. Nor do you say what Computer/OS version you're using.

Do you get any message about Frames Support.

Is this issue regular, have been able to repeat the 'crash' circumstances, has a cold boot helped, do other sites crash? These are questions you need to be able to answer in order to get support.

I'll monitor this thread in case you reply with more information.


Edited Addition:

Try going directly to the page you want if you can't resolve the crash issue.

Stories page: http://comicality.gayauthors.org/stories.html

News Page: http://comicality.gayauthors.org/news.html

Website + page: http://comicality.gayauthors.org/webplus.html

Notes page: http://comicality.gayauthors.org/notes.html

Links page: http://comicality.gayauthors.org/links.html


You can go directly to each page by entering the URL in the address bar and pressing enter. Hope this helps until you resolv your issues... Um... with your computer. Hehehe

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