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Warning about the PC game - Sacred

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I bought Sacred. It was a fun game to play ... until I downloaded a patch for it.


Since then, it wont load. All I get is a black/blue screen. I spent $150 or so up-

grading my graphic and sound cards, hours finding sites to download the latest

drivers for my new products, and it has all been useless.


It is a great game to play ... for the little I was able to play it. For those of you who have it and can play it, I hope you enjoy it.


However, for those who haven't bought it yet ... they will not refund your money.


So, be careful.


Boy on a String

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I don't mean to offend, so, if you've already done this, I didn't mean to imply anything...


Anyway, have you tried doing a complete uninstall of the game? (i.e.: using the game's uninstaller, then going in and making sure that not one single folder remains from its previous installation.) Presumably, if you uninstalled it, and then reinstalled it from the CD (can I go out on a limb and say that you do have a CD...) it would be back to the way it was -before- the patch that (presumably) screwed it all up.


Hopefully that'd fix it for you... I'm suprised their tech support won't do anything for you in this instance...

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