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Here or * hereafter?*

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Are you going to rise to the heavens when you exit your skeletal remains?

Or perhaps you are going to come back and become.....(?).

There are so many of us with different ideologies. Can we really be THAT far apart as to where we will spend our 'eternity'?

I am so curious!

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You have one chance to get it right, and you are in that chance right now. There will be no do over.


You die. You get buried or burned. End of story.


Make your story memorable and you will live forever.

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I'd rather live this life rather than spend it preparing for another.


I'm atheist so I am more inclined to believe that the mind dies with the body, there is no soul. Not that any of us could ever know anyway, which is precisely the point.


There are hundreds if not thousands of different views on what to do so you get assured a better life the next time around. All of them rely solely on faith that there is one. The requirements are also often so rigorous you end up not really living the life you already know, but wasting it on the chance that the path you follow may be the correct one. Or worse, destroying the lives of others in the belief that this would assure you a better chance of getting there.


So no thank you. I'll just live the one I already have.

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