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American Idol, Jumping the Shark?

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The American Idol news has been a bit weird lately.

Simon Cowell left... one of the main reasons I watched in the first place.

They fired Kara.

Apparently, it is going to be J-Lo, Steve Tyler (who got hit with the ugly branch way too many times) and Randy.

The judge panel sounds so irritating that I'm not planning on watching this year.

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Don't forget Ellen quit cause she didn't like to be mean to people sometimes :D


As a fourth, may I suggest Mick Jagger, then we can put Mick and Steven side by side and decide who has the biggest lips and who got hit by that stick more :P

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The last time I saw Steve Tyler, was on one of those super market sleaze magazine/news papers... in a speedo. He looked like an anorexic drag queen with one too many lip injections.. :P Not pretty. I would hate to see him trying to appeal to the massive audience.. I would be more scared of him in the judging room than Simon. ;)

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I'm curious to know how many of the younger generations here actually know what the phrase "jumping the shark" means, or it's origin

You're 22 and you're talking about the younger generations!! You are the younger generation. :)

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Steven Tyler is the man! I got tickets to see Aerosmith at Fenway in a couple weeks! But yeah, he did get beat with the ugly stick. But hey, he's a native to my part of the woods so I gotta show some love. :P


As for American Idol, it's stupid. The only time I ever watched it was 2008, and the only reason I did was because it had David Archuletta who was cute.

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