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  1. scotchirish87


    This is absolutely one of my favorite series. Now, once again I get to look forward to new chapters, and re-read from the beginning to sate my cravings in the meantime!
  2. Do the admins have DK's Shapers Chronicles? Lulu no longer has the ebook (I've long since lost my copy), and Amazon only has paperbacks. It is available on NIfty, but it doesn't seems as polished as the Lulu copy was.
  3. Well I've found that by the 3rd book, the 23 year period has been explained, and Davey being 36 has become well established. It would just be nice if those first few chapters could be corrected.
  4. In re-reading Do Over I've noticed that Davey's ages don't line up properly with the given dates. The 'facts' in the story are that his birthday is in January, he was 12 on July 31, 1981 (the night he began the do-over), and that he participated in the experiment in 2004. Using an age calculator shows that to be 12 on 7-31-81, he was born January of 1969 and would have been 35 in 2004. At the beginning of the series it says he was 32 when he went back, which matches the 20 year period that he was supposed to experience, when it should be 23 going by the dates. Then after the first few chapt
  5. I'm nearing the end of a re-read, but just found a small error in chapter 60. The line, ". . . begin transferring the treasure over to Bacchante." should say "Santa Clarita"
  6. Thanks so much for the story like! Much appreciated :)

  7. One additional point. If you're switching between multiple 1st person perspective, don't rewrite the entire scene from the new perspective, duplicating dialogue and all, unless you have a very very very good reason.
  8. Those are frustrating because "its" breaks the rule of using 's for possession, which seems to me like it should have priority over a contraction.
  9. I'm usually a fan of Will's, but frankly I was hoping he'd step out of the limo with a busted lip or a black eye. He needs to be taken down a peg or fifty. Not that I'm actually advocating violence, but he was just such an obnoxious little shit.
  10. Mark, if you weren't already aware, Valiant doesn't appear to be categorized as a Bridgemont novel
  11. Happy Birthday again Guy, I hope you have a FANTASTIC day and a SUPER year :)

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