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A brutal attack

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Not sure if this is the right place for posting this but needed to.


Just read in the paper of the brutal murder of a 28 year old gay guy. He was coming home from work and didn't make it. He was found dead, tied to a lamppost,beaten and set alight.


Where did this happen you ask. Well exactly 15 miles from where I live in Scotland.


What is the world coming to.



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It always comes out in a rural community. We had a murder where I grew up once and it wasn't long before everyone knew every detail. Hopefully the community will pull together and help support the poor man's family as well. Such hatred is a disgrace and the perpetrators should be punished severely. No one deserves to die for who they choose to love.

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Police are saying it probably wasn't a gay related attack, but are looking for 4 women seen in the area. The lad seems to have been very popular in the community, god help those involved. I sense a lynching.


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I Know nothing about the case but I caution everyone against jumping to conclusions.


There are many possible motives for murder. The young mans sexuality may not have been the issue.


For instance: if he was friends with a girl who had a husband or boyfriend, it's possible that he was perceived as a rival and killed out of jealously.


It's sad that he was murdered for any reason.


Let the investigation proceed and lets see if it was indeed a hate crime.

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When you live in a nice quiet, normal sort of place, murder is always shocking. I'm sure it does feel like you were violated to have such a vile action done so close to home. Being tied to a lamp post and set afire is a horrible thing. It does sound like a hate crime of some sort. No matter the motive, no one truly deserves that fate. I hope the perpetrators are brought to a swift and certain justice by the authorities.

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I suppose I did jump to conclusions on why it was done. However, something like that indicates a very strong emotion behind the murder. I would guess the story that comes out will rock the community, whatever it ends up being.

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It's shocking that something like this has happened so close to where I now live. I've lived here for seven years and I love it up here. Who'd a thunk it ? An Englishman who prefers Scotland to his home country ! But I agree that the police should finish their investiation before any conculsions are drawn.

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