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[Altimexis] 'Legacy' - any news?

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theres this post from August 2010;


Legacy will be approximately 40 chapters and 250k words in length. I can't know for sure how long it will end up being, as I'm still writing it and things can still change as the plot progresses. I've already added one unplanned chapter, based on some ideas thrown back at me by my primary editor. There will also be an epilogue that could end up being quite long in and of itself.


Although Legacy will stick to the same first person perspective format from multiple viewpoints used in Naptown Tales, it will be written as a conventional novel rather than as a series of self-contained stories. Whereas the typical short story or segment in the series was 8-20k words, the target length for chapters in Legacy is only 5-6k words. The story begins with the President's assassination so, as a result, none of the chapters will be from David's viewpoint. Most chapters, however, consist of two layers - one involving events as they are unfolding in the present (our future), and the other involving a flashback to events in the past (the time between now and David's assassination). David figures prominently in many of the flashbacks, so even though he's dead throughout the novel, he still has a prominent role to play.


All of the major characters from Naptown Tales play a role in Legacy, and there are even some new characters that play an important part. I think you'll like the way the story unfolds, but I'm not going to say anything more for now.



& this from the 'old' altimexis page


A Naptown Tales sequel set 30 years in the future, looks at the life of the first gay President of the United States. (Coming 2011)




is there any more up to date news on this story?

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I'm guessing that Altimexis hasn't seen this or else he'd have replied himself.


Anyway I know that he's been very busy with work for several months and that this has slowed down his writing considerably. However, I've proofread 41 chapters of "Legacy" to date. I have no idea how long it's going to be in total as I'm not privy to the plot outlines, but I think we're getting towards a conclusion.


I can also say that it's going to be well worth the wait - it's a great tale.

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