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[David McLeod] New George of Sedona

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Hello, everyone,


I'm currently in remission, and feeling pretty good. The first place I want to be is here, on the GA web page and in the GA forums. Hope this will last!


Here's the good news. (Okay, from my prospective, anyway.) The entire first story, "Book of Heroes: George of Sedona") has been revised.


When we (the translation team) started this effort, we had some problems with the protagonists' names (the "Heroes" in the "Book of Heroes") and thought it would be "cute" to use our own names for the characters. (Cute, and a little wish fulfillment, too.)


Anyway, as we continued, we started seeing links between stories that helped us tie characters in one life to the same person in another life.


So, "David" in the George of Sedona story was I. But, his real name: Arthur.


In addition, the "George" story has been revised to cut out some unnecessary stuff. It's been "tightened up." If you liked the original, I hope that you'll check out the new version, just re-posted.


Thank you to all the folks on www.gayauthors.com who have made this possible. Love to you all,



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