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Update or Question - The Bermuda triangle -Trevor Search for his mom

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I recently saw "Bermuda Triangle secrets revealed" or some thing like that


They show what makes up the triangles strange behavior.

* Rogue Waves Zone Under Bermuda ... rogue waves created by extremely windy conditions vs water currents

This explains the reason of cyclops demise. I think they say the ship breaks up and the debris field is carried far away by the cu

* Wave affected by big underwater mountain

* The gulf stream that circles around the triangle as well as part of it does to europe.

Any ship shinking or plane crash thats caught in this current moves from their calculated sinking spot.

Perhaps hundreds of miles away.

* New theory Flight 19 crashed in Georgia Okefenokee Swamp rather than north of bermuda

* The plane that may have gone thru some sort of vortex ... traveling hundreds of miles in 30 secs

Perhaps a strong focus wind propelled the plane hundreds of miles vs worm hole


* Solar sun spots affecting navigation equipment

* They didn't mention about methane gas caves

But maybe they did mentioned that the gas can cut Oxygen to the airplanes engines and crash it

For ships the lack of oxygen could stop its engines and the bad weather or rogue waves can sink the ship.


* They didn't talk about the weird wall underwater

Another doco shows belives that is a port for repairing ships, part of proof that other cultures discovered america before columbus

Ranging for 24,000 years ago to ten years before Columbus

So perhaps the reason why we credit Columbus is because of economic discovery whereas the the others decided not to take it that way.

It was more of migration than an economic R&D.


* More ships sink or disssapear in the west end than the north or east end


* They talked about a big ship that sank off of miami

They searched for it and it wasn't there so ppl thought disappeared by triangle mystery

They showed that there is a trench than goes north between miami and bemini

The gulf stream goes through this channel and it increases the speed of the stream

They found the ship near cape Canaveral.

They reason that the currents push the ship up the coast while it sank before it settled there

Bemini island is on the edge of this channel


I think in the defense about not finding the ares is because it was carried hundreds of miles north by this channel current.


Any wreckage I think caught in these currents is deposited into the trench ... we've not yet begun search it for debris or whole ships

it seems apparent that the trench can easily hold all traces that's carried by the current or circular gulf stream flow


perhaps the question is when this discovery occurred may impact certain chapters of Trevor's mom disappearance story



* If there is so much currents .. is it all possible that silt can cover any debris or wreckage .. perhaps bury all traces

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lol he did .. but do you think you may need to update the early chapters?


Umm, he did find Ares. Posted Image


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