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Anyone else playing Dragon's Dogma?

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It shocked the HELL out of me how good this game is. Especially since it's a western RPG made by a Japanese company. One of the few games that's hard but actually fair about it, great combat, AMAZING character creator, every NPC you can talk to can end up being your love interest, great mini-boss type monsters with multiple health bars with Shadow of the Colossus like climbing mechanics. I'm loving the Pawn system too. Reminds me of creating my whole party in the old Icewind Dale games, even though you can't create your whole party. It's so fun that I don't even care that the story is pretty meh and coming from my story whore self that's a HUGE compliment, lol. I can't possibly be the only one playing this here, right?

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I love it... but to be honest i kind of haven't been on it in ages.

BUT i love it.

I like the character creation thing too... took me forever to get the hips right.

Was a bit put off that you can't create your whole party, but one pawn is better than nothing. Its a great game that i have every intention of going back too soon.

Would have liked a bit more by way of jobs, but you never know, they might bring out some DLC? Although I am loving being a magic archer.


The only other game where i have been able to create my whole party was Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the starry skies (NDS). Which is a cute game, good story. So, i will have a look into Icewind Dale.

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