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Did you order your Doomsday Balls?

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I would think that once it started rolling, whatever was inside would do more damage to you than what was outside. 


Could you imagine being tossed around inside one of those?  I wonder how many idiots bought one. 

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:lol: I don't think they make gerbils that big...

and I don't think I would want to be in one of those in an earthquake or otherwise....

the thing looks like if you sit in it on the west/east coast areas it'd role into the sea during an earthquake :lol:

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do they come with a certificate of authenticity from the gerbil association?

Qiyuan, a farmer, built 7 big balls. They have a steel frame and are coated with glass fiber to resist the unseen nature forces.
Every ball has place for 14 persons and has it's own driving, oxygen tanks, and safety belts.

was the farmer expectting to make 6x200,000 ... paid in gold ???

perhaps its cheaper to buy the USED doomsday balls that came off lease

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