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I read/followed this story a long time ago on nifty. It was one of the first gay stories I ever read, however I think it might be incomplete... I'm not sure. It is about a rich boy and a average boy who meet in school? They fall in love. I think the rich boy gives the other a car. They live in a large city and the rich boy's parents get a divorce and his dad gives him a penthouse apartment in a sky rise. That all I can remember I know it's not much but maybe some one might be able to help.


The other one, I think I read here, is about a boy who lives with his aunt and cousins. His cousins are in a gang, I think. They beat up this one boy almost to death and the boy calls 911 and helps the boy. The boy who got beat up ends up in the hospital and looses his eye sight. The who helped tell on hos cousins and get them arrested, how ever his aunt says they are going to kill him and tells him to leave. somehow he ends up living with the family of the boy who got beat up. And eventually they fall in love.

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