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One World Trade Center

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I don't know how into architecture/iconic American views you all might be into.. But, check this out! One World Trade Center is still under construction, but, it's getting there. I'm definitely adding this to my list of things I NEED to visit before I die! I included one picture from the view already, but, there are a few more in the article. 



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I visited the new Trade Center complex this past December when I was in New York. It was amazing and a bit emotional, because the last time I was actually near that area of Lower Manhattan was three days before 9/11 and the original Twin Towers were still standing. 

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I agree with Matt. It's going to be a bit emotional. I wasn't in Manhattan long, but long enough to remember how horrible it was, and I was one of the few kids in my class who didn't lose someone. 

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the views are much better than the old trade center ... no more windows fogging up ... a 360 deg unobstructed view

they made a nice documentary about the new building

it took years to select the group of building that would pay respects to the victims


I can imagine the bidding wars to get the new building built


When the documentary showed good number of the construction dump trucks at the 911 site

I knew they came from all over the tri-state area to haul the remains of the old world trade center

it really struck a nerve ... I recognized some of the companies and the one I worked for a few years

I know their passion to build things ... I can imagine how they felt about when 911 happen

The owners and the workers they love the city they help build during the past 30 years

They all came when the city needed help to clear the site ...

its emotionally difficult especially for the ones who drove the trucks

I can imagine some of the owners that I work would also drive some of the trucks loads away

personally as a way of paying respects to the victims


Mayor RudyG ... I have a lot of respect for the job he's done for the city after Mayor Dinky

He's done more than just clean up the city ... he held the city together thru unimaginable circumstances


I recently saw the movie that James Woods acted in ... he portrayed Mayor RudyG ..

the story started off just when the crises of 911 hit the city ... 

Gosh, I can remember where I was and what I was doing on that day ... it took some time before I could contact my brother

he and his wife and brother(s) in laws work near or at the center ... can you imagine not knowing if someone you know is alive or not?


Now the new building stands tall ... reminding us that the city never sleeps and will never forget the victims of 911


Thank you HarperRParsons for posting this thread

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