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Jared Leto and Dallas Buyers Club


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  Jared Leto from the television show 'My So Called Life' and the band 'Thirty Seconds To Mars' plays a transsexual person in the movie 'Dallas Buyers Club'. I have always found Jared Leto to be almost pretty and I look forward to seeing him in the part of Rayon. This movie is about the early days of non-existent medications that could be used for treating HIV and the attempt to acquire non approved drugs . I've watched the trailer. It showcases Matthew McConaughey as real life Ron Woodroof. Has anyone else seen the trailer yet?





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though i swear if he doesn't do something about the rubbish facial hair he's sporting with his band at the moment, i might go off him.



I'm in total agreement with you. The facial hair does his appearance no good. He has had so many different looks over the years, especially with the band, but this one isn't working.

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I've never understood why people like Leto, who are SO damned goodlooking, seem to put so much effort into looking unattractive. Surely they can't look in a mirror and think that that "look" makes them seem handsome. But to each their own; they have every right to make themselves look unappealing. Disappointing to many of us but, oh well! Damn I'm shallow, ain't I? lol!

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