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  1. 5 inches of snow overnight at home. Sure glad I'm in Arizona right now!

    1. Cole Matthews
    2. Ron


      Seems like everyone is getting that stuff lately.

  2. It's time to go for a 5 mile walk and try and walk off that sinfully delicious meat loaf dinner I had for lunch!

    1. Sasha Distan

      Sasha Distan

      don't be silly uncle mickey; there's no calories in meatloaf.

  3. To all our friends in the Northeastern U.S.: Stay warm and safe the next few days!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Kitt


      Travel bans were lifted mid morning in NY and NJ and about half the counties in Ct by eleven. First plow did't pass here till noonish.

    3. Sasha Distan

      Sasha Distan

      Have fun with your epic snow days people.

    4. Lisa


      Yeah, yeah, Sasha, rub it in! lol :P

  4. When I was a kid, fake spiders and slithery critters were a favorite prank. The only bad part was that I also got the crap scared out of me when payback time came!
  5. mickey1952

    Chapter 1

    All I can do is pretty much echo the general sentiment. I didn't care for Nate in the previous story, but something made me really want to read this follow up. I'll keep an open mind and hope that he can prove himself human and worthy of a good man down the road. Thanks for a good start!
  6. A guy goes to the store to buy condoms. "Do you want a bag?", the cashier asks. "No", the guys says, "she's not that ugly."
  7. As of today (Jan. 20) gas is $1.65/gallon where I live (a small town in southeastern Iowa).
  8. I live in the Midwest right now. But I'm going to Arizona next month to start scouting for a retirement town or city to move to sometime within the next year.
  9. I just admire any and all of you who have the talent to write. The "rest of us" appreciate your efforts!
  10. Tomorrow is the last day of a lengthy treatment for an illness. The afternoon will be Happy Dance Time!!

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    2. Sasha Distan

      Sasha Distan

      YAY! Well done Uncle Mickey!

      We knew you'd win - you're tough.

    3. Ron


      Good news, I'm happy for you.

    4. mickey1952


      Thanks, everyone!!!!

  11. It's amazing how, even in retirement, I can still manage to fill each day with things to do. Some important, some frivilous, but always fun.

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    2. Sasha Distan

      Sasha Distan

      like some of us will ever be allowed to retire...

      Mortgage adviser: when do you plan to retire?

      Me (teacher): I'll be dead by then

    3. Kitt


      I'll bet his next words were "mortgage insurance".

    4. Sasha Distan

      Sasha Distan

      pretty much...

  12. No sun for 2 weeks. Now there's sun, but single digit temps! I'm ready for spring.

    1. Ron


      Whenever someone brings up the fact that the sun doesn't shine for long periods of time, it reminds me of Ray Bradbury's short story 'All Summer in a Day.' Happy New Year, Mickey.

    2. Sasha Distan

      Sasha Distan

      aww Uncle Mickey - I like the winter, I want to keep it.

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