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Difficult Character Dynamic

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So, I've composed a set of characters similar to (but deviating somewhat from) the Wizard of Oz Archetypes. 


First up we have Hepsebah Darling, a solemn little girl raised by the Witch of the West. She witnessed the murder of the Witch at the hands of the powerful Wizard of Oz and his minions, and along with other servants of the Witch she has been driven out of Oz to wander strange lands. Her magic is somewhat uncontrolled and powerful, and she's turned her skin a pale minty green in remembrance of the Witch who raised her as her own. 


Next we have Lucky Jack, former jester/ Fool/ spy for the Witch of the West. Lucky Jack is a very upbeat person, always friendly, and very good at getting people to do things by ineptness and cheerful good humor. Although incredibly intelligent and wise, Lucky Jack keenly feels the lack of a proper education. Lucky Jack is Hepsibah Darling's first and closest traveling companion. Jack keeps Hepsibah from going too far into the shadows, and Hepsibah gives Jack something to live for. Lucky Jack reminds me a bit of Captain Jack Sparrow's crazy bravado and good luck mixed with Rapunzel's brave good humor. Oh, and I'm not sure of Lucky Jack's gender. His/ Her real name may be either Starling, Skylar, or Skylark. 


Next up is the Knight Errant of Taringale, Sir Parsimouse Abelbrand Humphrey Coriander. He goes by Sir Humphrey most of the time. He is the eldest of three brothers and comes from a long family line of knights, and takes his job very seriously. He's a very direct, straightforward and conservative person, who has had to deal with his homosexuality in a society that, while not overtly hostile, isn't necessarily welcoming of "deviance from the norm" either. He has a bit of internalized homophobia as a result, and keeps quiet about his orientation. Since he's never had a romantic relationship, it's never seemed relevant to him anyways.


Rounding out our Ozlike characters are Sir Humphrey's childhood friend Gladiola of Taringale, a very sensuous woman who is very serious about living in harmony with nature and healing those in need; and Buddy, a child cursed in werewolf-like fashion to change into a terrible fluffy monster of destruction, shy of cities and people, mostly wild, and scared of himself. Hepsebah has altered his curse so that he is largely safe to be around, but he needs to remain near her for it to continue containing the beast within. 


Lucky Jack and Sir Humphrey are in lurrve

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