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Looking for an editor


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I'm looking for an editor, it's for a new story that I'm writing, I'd say that's a casual story between two teens, and the help I need is basically with the structure. At the moment I have like 1500 words written, and I'm planning not to make it very long, maybe 4 or 5 chapters, but I'm not sure.

If anyone wants to help me I'd really appreciate it.


See you guys around!



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I've read a bit and it's a nice little premise and cute characters. It does need some TLC to make it appealing.

Perfect GA situation, an opportunity to encourage a young writer.

With some guidance Agus could turn out a decent product.

I don't think I'm qualified for this but someone should jump in and lend a hand, PLEASE!

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I'm not a very good beta reader as I have a hard time recommending plot/character suggestions to someone else's story, but I am a good editor if you want me to correct it for spelling/grammar/etc.  It's an interesting start--wondering what the noise was...

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