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Random Genre/subject/character Prompt


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Hey everyone! :D

I recently finished round one of the short story competition at NYC Midnight. I found the process used for story creation to be quite enjoyable, even though I had to write with a subject and character assignment which were out of my comfort zone. (Thank goodness the genre was fine, or I would have been screwed!)

Anyway, At Renee's suggestion in one of my recent blog posts, I decided to make a forum post reflecting the prompt style of the competition, hoping you'd enjoy it. Each person is given a random genre, subject, and character assignment, and is asked to write a story of 2500 words or less. Obviously in free form such as this, we don't need to keep the word limit if we don't want to, but you're welcome to follow the full rule set if you'd like.


Here are some examples:

Drama / A laboratory / A teacher
Romantic Comedy / Recycling / A bartender
Sci-Fi / Halloween / A bus driver
Horror / A trial / A CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Fantasy / Luck / A lead singer

The full list of genres(and their definitions) available in the contest can be found here: 

Feel free to respond with suggestions you'd like others to try. I'll offer a suggestion to start the ball rolling.


Crime Caper / Cattle Ranching / A runaway. 

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Okay, Cynus, I really like the first story you posted on February 1, 2016.  I don't know how far ahead you are on stories, but I have a suggestion or more for a category (categories?).

Suggestion A)  Binghamton, NY / Coffee shop male employee & coffee lover / Develops sudden allergy to coffee (hives)


Suggestion B)  Sora McAllister / Meets not out gay youth / Listening ear


Suggestion C)  Librarian / Mystery / Gay & Lesbian Books appearing


Suggestion D)  Doppelganger / Parallel Universe / Travel at will


I have liked every story I have read by you that I know has been published.  Look forward to reading more.



Okay, NOW i went and read the rules.  Sorry, I goofed up categories and more!  But I'd still like to see those stories-- even if not this month.  You have free reign/rein to use those ideas with my blessing.

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