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Oh, I thought this would be thread for Star Trek Discovery starting up :P


This is equally interesting :great:

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Saw that one ;)


One of the things that amaze me is 40 years ago, there really wasn't much computers...definitely not home computers. So nowadays, with the DSN all run by computers, they are still able to communicate by sending radio communications to the Voyager spacecraft and they respond. Likewise, on Earth, they can receive telecommunications from the spacecraft and use the computers to better interpret the data and pictures.


Imagine if these spacecraft had the technology that we had today. What is already amazing in real life would even be more amazing!

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The video is in the science news article and the article should be available to all.  The link is in my first post.


Another link that may work or may not is the PBS link.




If you have flipboard on your phone they have a whole spread on it too.


Here is a web link for home computers and tablets:





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If you did not get to see the PBS broadcast special, the program is available on line.





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