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'30 Days Of Night' Kicks Off With 'GFD: Fanboys 8'!

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So, if you guys saw the previous announcements, you know that the month of April is going to be introducing a WIDE variety of new vampire stories surrounding the "Gone From Daylight" mythos in one way or another! And MANY (but not ALL) of the 'Blood Bank' website stories have been re-edited and will now be posted right here on the Shack Out Back website for the first time! New updates are waiting in the wings as well! Just a bunch of goodies are coming your way over the next 30 days! K?


Also, this does NOT mean that you won't be seeing updates from other stories as well! Promise! Stating things off is "GFD: Fanboys", which takes place in a world where 'Gone From Daylight' is a blockbuster movie franchise and book series! Two boys find a common love for the series and form an easy friendship. But is that ALL they have in common? Check it out for the answer! Hehehe, enjoy! And let me know what you think if you get a chance!




And if you've never read the original story before...now might be the time to give it a shot! I kid you NOT...'Gone From Daylight' has been the all time favorite story out of everything that I've ever written online! And new fans are still finding it to this day! So try it out! You might just like it! :)




Take care! And I'll be back soon with more! So stay tuned, or whatever! :P 

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