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Kicking Off the Secret Author Contest 2024: Hidden!



That's right, it's finally here! Our fun summer writing event, the Secret Author Short Story Contest! Rules remain very much the same: You cannot reveal your story to any beyond your beta/editing team. Your story must be hidden. And that's our THEME! "Hidden" What is hidden or who, how, when, where... or even why, that's up to you! 

2024 Secret Author Lg.jpg

Deadline to submit stories: July 24, 2024

Submit to: Cia

General Rules

  • One story per author
  • Don't share your story idea, work in progress, or completed work with anyone but your team
  • Your story must be "new content" to remain anonymous (not set in previous series or world)
  • Allowed story length: 3,000 to 30,000 words
  • Chapters: 1 Story Chapter posted to GA (you can use ** or a double line break to indicate scene and timeline jumps).
  • Send Format: Word or Google Doc (PM Cia if you share via Google Docs, please!)
  • Submission Deadline: July 24, 2024

Metadata needed



Story Note: 

Chapter Note: 

Genre(s) (3 Max):

Audience Rating: 

Tags (6 Max): 


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Recommended Comments

I'm looking forward to this one. For once I have an idea that will work nicely!


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