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The Original Gone From Daylight Returns


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For my very FIRST Shack anniversary ever in 1999, I wanted to do something completely different from everything that I had ever done before up to that point. Something that would catch people off guard. I kept it a secret, only letting one or two people even SEE it before it was released. I described it as "New Kid In School" meets "The Lost Boys"! And the vampire saga, "Gone From Daylight" was born!


I know that it is hard for many people to believe, but GFD is the number ONE story on the entire Shack Out Back website! No other story comes close to the fandom and fury surrounding this one series, and it has held that title for 19 years without fail! I couldn't have been more surprised, or more proud, of one of the stories on this site! So, a new chapter is up to continue the saga, and I hope you guys enjoy it!




Also, if you've never read "Gone From Daylight" before, you can find it on my 'Stories' page and start from scratch at the link below!




Now, I realize that sci fi/horror isn't everybody's cup of tea...and folks who DO like it have been exhausted by vampire stories in general. It won't be the first time that I've heard that, believe me. BUT...if you're online, and don't have anything new to read...maybe you'll give this one a look. I'm willing to bet that I can change your mind and make you a fan! (Won't be the first time I've heard THAT either! Hehehe!) So give it a shot, and let me know what you think! K?


There's a REASON why "GFD" has such a huge following! Don't miss out! :) 




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