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Game of Thrones: Season 8


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"Winter is Here!" :D 


The biggest thing to happen to Fantasy Genre in the last decades is about to enter its final season.


The biggest questions most viewers have is who will end up in the Iron Throne?


I mean it's easy to say based on storyline, plots, lineage (spoiler), and character development: It should be Jon Snow.


However, I'd be just as happy if they pull an inglorious bastards on everyone, kill Jon Snow's character off in episode 1, again, and leave us guessing for the season. At which point my vote goes to Daenerys, our favorite Bisexual Dragon Queen :) (I've got a soft spot for Spartacus-esque characters)


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The battle of Winterfell came and went, was it an epic production? Yes, but it's no "Helms Deep" of LoTR: Two Towers, Peter Jackson had a better eye for detail and lighting (most fantasy fans know that in comparison). The problem with Game of Thrones battle sequence wasn't that it lacked epic scale or great odds, it had everything you'd want for a battle, including the lost of all hope. However the reversal in the end was too sharp (Yes, I am making a pun :P ).


I watch Game of Thrones more for its epic power struggles and palace intrigues, its mythology is great and fun, but it's human characters make the show breathe.


My favorite episode of the show was season 6 Finale "Winds of Winter", everything worked perfectly in those scenes. (On an aside, Cersei's idea to get rid of religious zealots, who allied with and betrayed her as she was playing her political games, was Godfather-like in its execution, killing them "all" with effortless efficiency. It made the long hours of morality lessons, homophobic slurs, and other things for a season feel worth the pay off, bravo!). This episode had action, drama, and tension on several levels, threats from every direction, and Dragons + Dire Wolf :) 


Season 8 remaining episodes needs to offer that kind of surprise and excitement

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