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Comsie Q & A Question 5/15


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It applies to some, and not to others. Maybe there's a magic man in the sky that created the heavens and Earth...and still has time to peek in on you to see if you're masturbating at night! Hehehe! Or maybe there isn't. Or maybe the whole 'infinite love' ideal would let you know that he doesn't care. Or that its not a 'he' at all. 

The question is...have your desires and sexual preferences ever come into direct conflict with your religious beliefs? Or the religious beliefs of your friends and family? Even if you're not a believer yourself, maybe you've run into some issues with close friends or relatives who do.

How does that make you feel? Are you conflicted? Ashamed? Emboldened? Are you affected at all? I'm not bashing religion at all, as I think it's a healthy means of discovering your better self in a lot of ways. But have you ever come into a major clash with religion in general? Whether it be your own beliefs, or the beliefs of those around you?

Tell us your experience! It may help and relate to someone who's going through the same thing. And this is NOT just about Christianity! What about Judaism, or the Muslim faith, or any others? Give us your thoughts, and let's discuss it! K?

Thanks in advance for your insight and input! You can add your answers down below, or send them to me privately at Comicality@webtv.net if you want your answer to be listed as anonymous. Just know that we value your comments! 

You never know how badly someone out there may need to hear exactly what it is that you have to say! So say it!



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