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Imagine Magazine #48 Is Up!


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A brand new issue is up for you guys to enjoy! I hope you like it! ::Giggles::

New additions from ALL of your favorites, MrM, Beldro, Lindon Westzer, Juju, The Story Lover, and more! Also...chapter 2 of "The Bully And The Bullied" from Sean E.! New articles from me as well! Can you guess who my new big crush is? Hehehe! Drop in and see if you can tell! 

ALSO...there is a brand new FORUM made specifically for fans of Imagine Magazine!!! So jump over there and check it out! Feel free to participate and meet other fans of the magazine just like you! We'll be building that board up right away! So come by and make some good friends when you get the chance! :)

Here's the address...


Save it to your favorites! And I'll seezya there!

Happy reading, Shackers! MWAH!!!

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