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Happy Pride Month From Imagine Magazine! :P


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The brand new issue of Imagine Magazine is now live for Pride Month! I hope you guys enjoy it! The magazine keeps growing bigger and bigger with each new issue! And July will be our 50th issue! So be sure to stop by for the celebration! XD

Also...Comicality's Shack Out Back is just DAYS away from it's 21st anniversary online!!! Wednesday, June 19th, marks the date! So you guys might want to turn your focus over here so you don't miss the fireworks to come! Hehehe...because I've got plenty! ::Nods::

Love you all! And I hope you enjoy the newest issue of Imagine!

No matter where you are, embrace your true self, and be proud of who you are. Always remember that your enemies' greatest weapon against you is YOU! It's a game that you simply don't have to play if you choose not to. 

Seezya soon!




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