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Imagine Magazine Question For 11/1


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They often say that 'two heads are better than one'...hehehe, but it's not always so true when it comes to the one on your shoulders going against the one in your pants! Which happens more often than not...and it can lead to bad things if you're not careful.

I'm not just talking about clinical, sexually transmitted, diseases or pregnancy here. Sometimes...you can have a sexual experience that just doesn't turn out the way you thought it would. Sometimes it's with someone that you shouldn't have been intimate with, or you got caught up in the moment, or maybe you crossed the line with a really good friend, or maybe...it was just bad for the both of you. And then there are times when you simply weren't ready to make that leap. It happens.

This month's question is...have you ever had a sexual encounter that you later regretted? Even if it felt right at the time, it might have caused a domino effect that lead to problems in the future. What happened, and why? What made you regret it? Did it end up ruining a relationship? Were you possibly cheating on someone that you loved, but fell for the temptation of another? Did it lead to heartbreak for you...or for the other person? Sometimes it's easy to get all excited and we've all had moments when we just wanted to feel good, and loved, and intimate with someone we care about. But not every sexy moment turns into a fairy tale romance. (Not that it has to...but you know what I mean.) Sometimes it leads to mistakes.

Tell us about your 'Whoops' moments when it comes to sex. And if you're lucky enough to have never experienced one personally, tell us about that too! How did you avoid it? Inquiring minds want to know!

As always, anonymous responses are welcome, and can be mailed to Comicality@shackoutback.net if you like, or you can just post your reply down below for addition into a future issue of Imagine Magazine! K? Thanks, in advance, for your input! And I'll seezya soon!

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Yeah...I'm sorry to say that I have made some mistakes in the past. I don't think they were anything overly traumatic or anything, but there were a few times that I kind of wish I could take back.

One of those times was having sex with someone who was one of my best friends at the time. To be honest, I don't even remember how it started, but we were young and horny and once things started to feel good, we just got sort of swept up in it. Then, voila...sexy afternoon. Hehehe! The thing is, it kept happening. Over and over again. I wasn't in love with him, and I doubt he was in love with me either. But it got to a point where that was all he wanted to do anymore. Before long, it was the only thing that we had in common. And when the sex stopped, we kind of drifted apart. Now, to be fair, we started high school shortly after that, and a lot of friends sort of change and drift apart anyway. But I often wonder if we'd still be close if we hadn't gone that route.

I did have a few hook ups online that didn't really do much for me either. I was living in an apartment with someone that I had been madly in love with since I was fourteen...and I just couldn't be close to him, you know? He's straight, but I didn't know that at the time. I was still trying to figure him out, but we were sooooo close that my love for him was just bubbling over to the point of constant frustration. And so...I met up with a few other guys for some, ummm...'relief'. Hehehe! This was around the time that I had first found Nifty and imagined things being so awesome and hot and...well, they weren't.

Don't get me wrong, I got what I was looking for. But it only took a few times of me doing that for me to figure out that what I was looking for wasn't really what I wanted. If that makes sense. I decided that I'd rather pine away over someone I could never have than fool around with someone that I wasn't really connected to. I'm a romantic at heart, sue me.

Anyway, there are a few mistakes in my past that I wish I could scratch off of my list of 'things to regret'...but at least I learned for those mistakes and went searching for more. Sometimes, it's all you can do. And that's what makes all our mistakes worthwhile, isn't it?

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No, I don't have anything I regret there.

But it's always an interesting question, how people make their decisions on things like that.

There are people that just try everything and realize then what they like and what they don't like. And trying things out is good. Sometimes it is necassary to know what you even want. But that way you will have some experiences that will not go to as you expected, some even bad. Having some of these always is just a part of life. If you regret them or are glad that you learned something is dependant on the specific experience and another interesting question.


On the other hand you do not need to try out everything. I think that actually, if you really think about it, you can estimate many things pretty well. On some topics there will still be uncertainty and you should not be afraid of trying new things. It is necassary. Nevertheless think about it, before you do. You do not need to place your hand on the hot oven to know that it is hot and will hurt you, if you place your hand there. In some situations the outcome is just really clear if you think about it. There still should be the benefit of doubt, but if it's clear that you don't like something, you do not need to do it.

At the same time you also have to estimate the possible consequences. How bad can something go? Tasting just a little bit of some new food will usually give you neither health problems nor nightmares. Getting into a relationship with an abusive person to see if it might go well can be a really really bad idea.

We can never be entirely sure, how something will go. And we should - we need to try new things out. Avoiding that entirely is a bad idea. Even just trying something to know for sure afterwards, that it is not your thing can be extremely valuable. But it always is a good idea to use our common sense. Don't brood too long about things, but take a moment before you decide. Don't let it stop you from doing new things, maybe crazy things, but try to avoid the things that certainly will end bad or injure you heavily.

Those were some general thoughts of mine. And at the same time it is bad to overthink things. Some may be contradicting, but you always need to find the right middle.

Sometimes really funny to see how different people handle those things.


Part of me feels like what I wrote was not much  more than hot air, but there may be some truth in there.

Hope you are having a good time wherever you are.


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I've been intimate with other guys before my husband. Some of them, I really enjoyed; others, I wish I could go back in time and kick myself before I made any ill-advised decisions. Once, I was really close with someone. Like Comsie's story, we were great friends. We decided to try the "friends with benefits" thing, and it worked. For a while, anyway. Unlike Comsie's story, we didn't become "obsessed" with sex. But we knew it had to end eventually, and when it did....things just weren't the same. It felt like a big, pink elephant with purple spots was waving sparklers in the air and riding a unicycle through the room, every time we met up with each other. So, we went our separate ways, and I'll always regret losing him as a friend, just for a few moments of pleasure.

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