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Bug: Story filters don’t fit properly on mobile

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I use the site exclusively on Safari, on an iPhone SE. My main page is the Stories page, which updates every time there’s a new chapter or completed story posted. There’s a row of filters above the story list: Category, Genre, Tag, etc. On mobile the row of filters doesn’t wrap to fit on a mobile screen — they are one long string that extends way off the page. I’ve added images to illustrate the issue. 




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I have alerted our programmer.  Thank you for including all the information and screenshots.  That makes it much easier to troubleshoot!

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The filter bar on the story pages is not folding down properly on mobile.


This bug has been reported to our programmer and we've been waiting for a response.

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5 hours ago, SpyroRyder said:

I hate to be that guy but has there been much progress on this?  It's been 3 months since the initial report and It's still very annoying to browse or interact with that page of the site on mobile.

I'm very aware. Unfortunately, our programmer has been unavailable due the BS going on in the world.

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