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  1. I was wondering when you were going to bring back this Dream thing, and then you go and also give a cliffhanger like that. Great chapter
  2. I definitely second this. I love all your stories Ace but this one is just so sweet.
  3. SpyroRyder

    A Rescue Mission

    Shit I've missed this, though it did provide a good opportunity to reread it all. Are you guys gonna be updating this regularly again or are my hopes getting up too much?
  4. SpyroRyder


    Fuck that Ezra dude
  5. SpyroRyder

    Chapter 23.5

    I now want him to go back to his family with council reps and just brag in front of them all
  6. So is this all punishment for liking Orion or is there more to it? Damnit Comsie, stop getting me hooked into your stories so easily 😋
  7. Happy Birthday! Belatedly! (As I say you're and Aussie!)

  8. SpyroRyder

    Chapter 23

    But why is the question. What did the Morgans do, or not do, that he'd be willing to throw everything away? Coverting power is all well and good but why is Rick the one and not someone like Lechter who has a lot of reasons to not like how the leadership has gone.
  9. SpyroRyder

    Chapter 23

    While this explains a bit, like why Lloyd ran to the school the first time they saw him, I hope we get more motive next chapter. I couldn't even remember who Rick was at first
  10. SpyroRyder

    Chapter 21

    Cause Milan was expressing such concern for his wellbeing and refused to leave until he had seen Rory
  11. A ending that we saw coming but enough that leaves room for a good sequel. Can't wait
  12. This raises so many questions about the currently not finished main series but I like it a lot. I wanna read more
  13. SpyroRyder

    St. Carter

    he's really coming to terms with it all, not just the eye but really about his future with another guy. Please oh please dont wreck any of this, i like this relationship too much
  14. The cold rain poured down from the dark grey clouds onto the four trees in the backyard. Connor knew the rain was cold because he'd just been out in it. Why? Because he'd wanted a few cans of Monster and he had stupidly put them in the shed's fridge. He cursed, could this day get any worse. Oh wait, it already had. It was his birthday, a fact which everyone seemed to forget about or be too busy to do anything about. His mother had been part of the latter group. She had remembered and had even wished him a good day but she was currently spending a holiday in Seattle with her new boyfriend. Hi
  15. Unfortunately most romances from when youre 13 dont last. So much as it would be nice to know theyre still together i really didnt expect it, especially as Oliver would have the preasures if being really famous even if he didnt fall into the same holes that Ryder did.
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