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  1. SpyroRyder

    Chapter 23

    But why is the question. What did the Morgans do, or not do, that he'd be willing to throw everything away? Coverting power is all well and good but why is Rick the one and not someone like Lechter who has a lot of reasons to not like how the leadership has gone.
  2. SpyroRyder

    Chapter 23

    While this explains a bit, like why Lloyd ran to the school the first time they saw him, I hope we get more motive next chapter. I couldn't even remember who Rick was at first
  3. SpyroRyder

    Chapter 21

    Cause Milan was expressing such concern for his wellbeing and refused to leave until he had seen Rory
  4. SpyroRyder

    Chapter Eighteen: Begin the End

    A ending that we saw coming but enough that leaves room for a good sequel. Can't wait
  5. SpyroRyder

    Bali Highs & Lows

    Dont let him just walk away Mr Gray, it'll only end in missery for you both
  6. SpyroRyder

    Kennedy Gay

    I love it when douchbags get whats coming. Especially when other people have gotten over things. Also, i hope nothing awful happened with Kennedy.
  7. SpyroRyder

    Meet & Greet

    Youre just going to leave after that cliff-hanger? What kind of monster are you to keep us so tortured. In all seriousness though this story is really heating up now with Patrick there as well so I am on the edge of my seat.
  8. SpyroRyder

    GFD: Divine Right 1

    This raises so many questions about the currently not finished main series but I like it a lot. I wanna read more
  9. SpyroRyder

    St. Carter

    he's really coming to terms with it all, not just the eye but really about his future with another guy. Please oh please dont wreck any of this, i like this relationship too much
  10. SpyroRyder

    Our End, My Beginning

    Our lives were entwined, But no longer. Your kisses were sweet, But no longer. We have laughed and we have loved, But no longer. You ran away with the coming dawn, from a path fraught with danger, But you ran away from what we had built, As if you and I were just strangers. So I buried my heart in a field of tears, Under a sky of memories old and pure, With one last look I turned my back, And strode into the darkening night. I walk alone along this path, Awaiting a new day, a new dawn, But as I leave I hear the past echoing back, Your voice promising to be there forever, Our impossible dream. The road is long indeed But I will make it. Twisting through danger and uncertainty, But I will make it. To romances new and bold. And I will make it.
  11. SpyroRyder

    Issac's Dreamcatcher

    Oh dream-catcher, dream-catcher, I give you your task, Capture the guy of my dreams, Please, that is all I ask. His beauty is angelic, All shining, glorious, a sight to behold. His lustrous skin, so silky smooth, and his hair, a tapestry of browny gold, will lure you towards him, while his eyes, those pretty eyes, speak of a mysterious character, hidden ever deeper beneath the veneer of his smiles. One glance and you will Fall. Oh dream-catcher, dream-catcher, Weave your spellbinding web, Send me the love of the one I long for, even unto the nights ebb. I am cursed it is clear, For from afar I must see, His humble personality, As it shifts and changes, from that which I once knew well, Our friendship, long sought and hard fought, Has been allowed to drift into the sea of fragility, So now I know not whether he remembers me at all. But my eyes will always continue to stare. Oh dream-catcher, dream-catcher, Turn my night into day, So I can see that place where dreams are real, Where reality fades away. To be with my love, To kiss and to hold, To have his heart beat in time, With my heart, oh that would be divine, Our bodies joined, our warmth shared, Our love a sanctuary, our souls paired, To return to him the joy, Of the endless summer days We knew in our younger years. Just so he will look at me the way I look at him. Oh dream-catcher, dream-catcher, Capture my dream, my one true desire, So that my life has meaning and scope, and so that I can give him what he needs, Hope.
  12. SpyroRyder

    Assorted Poems

    A collection of the assorted poems that I've written over the years. Various ones I have saved on my hard-drive, on blogs, that I submitted for e-mags, etc.
  13. SpyroRyder

    Forever Eternal

    Sleep soundly my friend, for you have earned it. Let the eternal velvet of the endless night enfold you, And wrap its warm and comforting embrace around you. Let your weary soul slip into the darkness, And drift in a land where peace and solitude reign eternal. Where you can rest from your trials and tribulations, and the sins of the waking world are washed away, And your battle scars can heal. This world is yours for your own pleasure, And be not troubled by the question of mortality, For you are beyond that now, You are Immortal. Or at least in the minds and hearts of those left behind. And till the end of days shall we, The ones still here, the ones left behind, carry the banner of your memory. To each their own experience of your personality and goodwill, And so wherever we may drift and whatever we may do, We will carry these gifts from you, Forever Eternal.
  14. SpyroRyder

    A Day To Remember

    One day, this day, A day to remember, The old times and new, Goals & achievements long fulfilled, And those not yet completed. But the greatest, Of all your achievements, Stand in front of you on this, Your day of happiness & joy As we celebrate you & your life. But There is an old saying, That as men get older, They get wiser too, I have always wondered, Is this true for you? Well…
  15. SpyroRyder

    Music To Live By

    Music, Lovely music, Wash my soul with the sound of calm, And wrap me within layers of peace, For tomorrow is another day, In which to live and enjoy, For although the soul shall shirk the joy, And the body shirk the energy, The mind shall remain resolute and enduring, Optimistic to the end for that is Music, Gradual changes in Emotion & Tone, That together make an epic symphony.

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