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Stories with same title - notification bug

Talo Segura
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I received an email notification that a new chapter had been published to a story I follow:

Mikiesboy posted chapter 1 to a story you follow titled W-A-R.

The notification got sent because some years ago I followed a story with same name, W.A.R by Jeff Wilson - Jkwsquirrel.

The bug: the notification system was confused by using the same story title even if the new story uses W-A-R and the original story uses W.A.R  There is no second criteria for notifications by email so the system does not look to see if there are other stories with the same name and dashes and dots do not make any difference.

It is worth noting book titles cannot be copyrighted and different authors may use the same title. The only exception is where a title has spin off films and merchandising and has been trademarked, think Harry Potter, Star Wars.

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Notifications in the system do not use title to track items.  Everything in the background has an id number and notifications are tracked by that ID.  If you got a notification for a story, it's because you followed that story or author.  In this case, the author, as it was alerting a new story.


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