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My Only Escape 38


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A brand new chapter of the "My Only Escape" series has just been posted! And that means there are only three chapters left to go! I'm working on finishing them off now! So they won't take long at all to get out there! K?

ALSO...the first THREE ebook versions of "MOE" are now available on Amazon.com if you guys wanted to grab a copy of your very own! They're not in the Comicality Ebook section just yet, but you can find them at the links below! Cool? And super thanks in advance! Every penny counts! So having you guys purchase ebooks really helps me out and keeps the site going! So...yeah! Do that! Hehehe! And leave a short comment or a star rating if you can! It really helps me out! And the better I'm received on Amazon...the more free stuff you guys get right here on the Shack! So, technically...you're only helping yourselves! How cool is that?


Links For The Ebooks




Book Four coming soon! And much more! Seezya soon! :)

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