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  1. Bill Christiansen

    Chapter 56

    I continue to enjoy your stories. One thing jumped out at me in this chapter, which was kind of gender / sexist issue. “Ladies, I have a question for you. Do any of you think you might like to learn how to sew or knit?" Sewing and knitting are not female gender specific activities. You did sort of redeem yourself with the Model building, "Several of the girls also showed an interest, so I told them they were also invited to select a model."
  2. I have spent the last couple weeks reading the first 2 books. There were some good laughs and some moments of tears. Especially enjoyed listing to almost all the music at the end of each chapter as we worked through Advent and the 12 days of Christmas and 3 kings. Thank you very much.....
  3. Bill Christiansen

    Chapter 22

    As always I am enjoying this story. Especially enjoyed the twist with Tony and the possible love connection. Usually your protagonists come across as asexual. One small note and possible correction. A PA (physicians assistant) is different from a nurse who is qualified to act as a medical provider under the supervision of a physician. Such a nurse normally has at least a masters degree and is a Nurse Practitioner. They would be very upset being called a PA as their education is much more.
  4. Bill Christiansen

    Chapter 58

    If only we all could open our hearts and our homes to the boy's of the street and bring them to a safe place.
  5. Bill Christiansen

    Chapter 9

    Still work the edit to make it right. It was in 2 places.
  6. Bill Christiansen

    Chapter 9

    Have been enjoying your stories. One kind of major error in this chapter, it is "Muslim" not "Moslim."
  7. oh the twists and turns when we try to deny our selfhood. Loved this chapter. Thanks
  8. I think they will become equal lovers, enjoying their partner inside leaving his seed as a sign of their love for each other.
  9. I too come from white privilege although I will claim being a minority as I am a gay man. I always appreciate your writing, but more so when you respond as you did here to current events in our country. It is imperative that everyone 18 years of age and older be registered to vote and then votes this coming November we need to reclaim some civility in our land. Thanks again for a great chapter.
  10. Bill Christiansen


    Maybe you'll tie things together, but the man when the boys get home from the park? Don't see a connection in the rest of the story, at least so far. Also, I haven't given up reading in the hope that these story lines will come together.
  11. Bill Christiansen


    While I find it interesting, I'm finding the action disjointed
  12. I remember reading this story way back when, but to read it again was a wonder. I too wish there were a sequel planned. (hint hint). Thanks for sharing your talent! Wouldn't it be wonderful if all families were filled with this much love.
  13. I remember reading this story when it was first released, but find that I am enjoying it more today then back then. Being a San Antonian, 90 minutes from Austin, some of the references are great. I want to go up and try North, probably downtown, since Austin traffic is the worst.
  14. Bill Christiansen

    Chapter 1

    It varies from state to state, some as low as 16. Some two stage for example Illinois which is 17 unless the older person is in a position of "power" teacher, clergy, etc. when it is 18. Easiest is to google the state's age of consent. So now waiting for the next chapter
  15. Bill Christiansen

    Chapter 1

    Age of sexual consent in Texas is 17 not 18
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