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    Happy to have escaped the Snowbelt to warmer weather ... But what gives with the San Antonio Snow of 2017?

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  1. Bill Christiansen


    What, Carlos, you're not taking us to the White House. I'm disappointed
  2. Happy Birthday Bill!

  3. Happy birthday, Bill!

  4. Bill Christiansen

    Chapter 22

    One wonders what Mom and Cassie have in mind for the boys to wear. Is Cassie a prankster? hum
  5. Bill Christiansen

    Chapter 4

    So I just caught up. I get behind in reading stories .... I'm glad you decided to continue to write.
  6. In love with the whole family.... just hope we don't have to wait so long for the next chapter
  7. Bill Christiansen

    GMA I

    After waiting, like forever, a first chapter cliffhanger? Really? explitive deleated. great chapter
  8. I have to say you didn't disappoint! What a great holiday gift, thanks. I keep waiting for Ben to just show up (like his spirit did at the Pre-School Christmas party).
  9. Bill Christiansen

    Chapter 3

    I don't recall reading this story previously. Thanks for the reposting of the story. I have always enjoyed dkstories
  10. Bill Christiansen

    Chapter 1

    Great review. It's been quite awhile since last reading of Worthington. :)
  11. Great chapter, don't know if you left something out or meant to duplicate from when Donovan walks from the hospital to practice to "whiping the slate clean" ....
  12. Happy Birthday Bill!

    1. Bill Christiansen

      Bill Christiansen

      Thanks so much. 

  13. It is great being able to say Happy Birthday, to someone older than me. It gives me something to shoot for. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and a really great day.


    All my best


    1. Bill Christiansen

      Bill Christiansen

      age is a number. I still ride motorcycles, sing in 2 choirs, and drive for UBER when I get bored. Thanks for the birthday wishes. 

  14. We knew the end, we knew how the election ended in as a tragedy not a comedy. Well at least not in joy. Happy Holidays and Joyous New Year!
  15. Bill Christiansen

    New Beginnings

    So, I have read some of your other work. Like your storylines....Hope we don't have to wait a month for each chapter (hint) it's been a month and a day actually, but who's counting
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