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  1. Bill Christiansen

    Chapter 1

    Great review. It's been quite awhile since last reading of Worthington. :)
  2. Bill Christiansen

    Let's talk about standards

    Great chapter, don't know if you left something out or meant to duplicate from when Donovan walks from the hospital to practice to "whiping the slate clean" ....
  3. Happy Birthday Bill!

    1. Bill Christiansen

      Bill Christiansen

      Thanks so much. 

  4. It is great being able to say Happy Birthday, to someone older than me. It gives me something to shoot for. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and a really great day.


    All my best


    1. Bill Christiansen

      Bill Christiansen

      age is a number. I still ride motorcycles, sing in 2 choirs, and drive for UBER when I get bored. Thanks for the birthday wishes. 

  5. Bill Christiansen

    Roar • Part VII

    We knew the end, we knew how the election ended in as a tragedy not a comedy. Well at least not in joy. Happy Holidays and Joyous New Year!
  6. Bill Christiansen

    New Beginnings

    So, I have read some of your other work. Like your storylines....Hope we don't have to wait a month for each chapter (hint) it's been a month and a day actually, but who's counting
  7. Bill Christiansen


    Keep it coming. Nice start. ... what's gonna happen to Ma and Pa... sounds like jail time?
  8. Bill Christiansen

    Chapter 12

    Reason doesn't always win
  9. Bill Christiansen

    Roar • Part I

    The CJ saga continues to be amazing. The story line, the characters, the events, ... and even some open wounds we all forget are there get picked open again. I know at sometime, the saga will end, but I hope you have much more to share before you complete telling us about CJ and all the others, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly... Thanks. waiting a week is so hard LOL
  10. Bill Christiansen

    Chapter 3

    Another nice chapter. I hope you get someone to proof read for slight typo and grammatical errors. Just makes reading easier. LOVE THE STORY.
  11. Bill Christiansen

    Change of Heart

    Wow, sitting waiting with baited breath for the next chapter..... been awhile since we've seen any updates
  12. Bill Christiansen

    Chapter 1

    This is my first read, and I am really enjoying the building. It took me almost 40 years to get to where Kay is.... and another 5 to say yes to that first date >>>> late bloomer anyone?
  13. Bill Christiansen

    Chapter 36

    Sorry, I was sure it said they landed at Miegs.... but I just went back and reread the section and totally stand corrected. Just finished the next chapter waiting for the story to continue !!!! thanks for sharing your talent. I've never been a good fiction writer.
  14. Bill Christiansen

    Chapter 36

    So having been from Chicago and living there for over 65 years, I want to point out that Meigs Field was closed from all operations March 2003. The runway was bulldosed and not planes can land or take off. Just a minor point to the chapter. The story line continues to keep me coming back keep up the great work.

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