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  1. I think I only posted it here. And yeah, same name. The Pier was posted in a few places including being translated to a big German site which was cool haha!
  2. Unfortunately I had neither lol! I do however remember a few nice comments from you back then. Much appreciated. 😊
  3. Hi all. It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. I wrote a story called The Pier about 10 years ago or so. I also started one called Alone No More. I’m just wondering if there’s any chance at all that anyone has the three chapters of that story. I’d really like to see about revisiting it and possibly finding the time to finish it. I know it’s a long shot asking on here but I think this is the only place I ever published it. Thanks in advance 😊
  4. Happy 17th Birthday Grommett, I hope you have an AWESOME day and a GREAT year :)

  5. I remember a very cold and homeless boy whom the world had abandoned-he thought.

    A wonderful, sweet and caring person saved him. But I never found out what happened to him. :( Did he go on to enjoy his life? Did he...???

    If your life is messed up right now, Tanner, you have some wonderful people around you, and close.


  6. SurfGrommett

    Chapter 1

    Not popular in school??? You were the first to take on Sharkeys paddle and live to tell the tale! That is the stuff of legends! SG
  7. SurfGrommett

    Chapter 15

    awesome speech i HOPE chris opens his eyes SG
  8. SurfGrommett

    Chapter 12

    i know what it feels like to have someone hate u that much. someone you really cared alot about. that feelin never goes away even after the person that hates you does. u always know how much you hurt another person and the feeling attaches itself to you and wont let go. it sucks. i hope chris can see that derrick never wanted to hurt him and that everything can be ok between them again.
  9. SurfGrommett

    Chapter 11

    geez....i never liked chris..even after he started becoming nice...but i DO feel kinda bad that he found out THIS way and i wonder what the repercussions are going to be for tanner and derrick....this 'comsie' character is really writing like a pro! who would have thunk? SG
  10. SurfGrommett

    Chapter 10

    i suppose u r a good writer because when the car broke down and all seemed lost i was literally shouting out loud "Call Tanner! Call Tanner!"
  11. SurfGrommett

    Chapter 9

    whats wrong with the way he smells? not EVERYONE can be as perfect as Jan u know!
  12. SurfGrommett

    Chapter 8

    the bar scene was CLASSIC the only thing that could have topped it would be tanner tossing the martinis int he faces of those 2 hags what???? thats what i'd have done SG
  13. SurfGrommett

    Chapter 7

    well well well....been in derreks position and i gotta say its awkward at the absolute BEST of times! keep up the good work SG
  14. SurfGrommett

    Chapter 4

    yawn. not bad, but when is something exciting going to happen? hehe SG
  15. SurfGrommett

    Chapter 3

    i loved what tanner did to jeff. classic! SG
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