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  1. Ivric

    Best Christmas Ever

    I wanted to show life’s ups and downs, yet somehow that things work out for the best.
  2. Ivric

    Best Christmas Ever

    Thank you. I was aiming for a life story that revolves around love and friendship.
  3. Ivric

    Best Christmas Ever

    I saw the prompt that I stole and it to me a few weeks to write, but once I did the idea came to me organically and I was able to write from the heart.
  4. Ivric

    Best Christmas Ever

    What can I say other than life got in the way!
  5. Ivric

    Best Christmas Ever

    Thank you for reading and your comments!
  6. Ivric

    Best Christmas Ever

    He might have. Jay is one to be loyal to his friends and not be a home wrecker! Maria, Brandon and Jay’s friendship is one based on trust and honesty. You’re welcome and thank you for reading!
  7. Ivric

    Best Christmas Ever

    I just might take you up on your suggestion! I cried while writing this on more than one part because I imparted some of my life into the story. Happy holidays!!
  8. Ivric

    Best Christmas Ever

    I feel Christmas is about realizations, either love, faith, or coming to terms with life. I wanted to show love as just that, love. Without labels or terms just as an emotion that ties our lives together.
  9. Ivric

    Best Christmas Ever

    Thank you. I wanted Brandon, Sarah, and the Maria doll to all kneel and ask for Jay to be a part of the family. I wanted the inclusion of everyone, because that is how much they love him.
  10. Ivric


    The hardest thing to do is forgive yourself for past mistakes. Especially the mistakes that have scarred you the deepest! Awesome story about forgiveness and second chances!!
  11. Ivric

    Chapter 1

    I can relate on so many levels to this story. From being in the restaurant industry, to family, to old nicknames haunting you. Great story!!
  12. Ivric

    Chapter 1

    Being a high school thespian, spending time in Florida and being back in frigid Colorado, I love this story!! Awesome job!!
  13. Ivric

    Chapter 1

    That is the type of relationship that I want to have! Great story!
  14. Ivric

    Blue Christmas

    I have many family members win and lose to this beast called cancer, even writing this I am in tears! Thank you for this hopeful and inspiring story! Much love for your talent and skill!!
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