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  1. Cowpuncher

    Chapter 1

    HOPE YOU can find the time to write MORE great stories! Thanks for the ones you have posted!
  2. Cowpuncher

    Chapter 45

    What happened to your story?? I sure hope those chapter(s) you indicated you had and were writing will be published!! LET US KNOWN !! THANKS FOR THE GREAT STORY SO FAR!!
  3. Cowpuncher


    The Vietnamese War divided the country, not somewhat unlike the present political situation. I remember all the war dialogue and draft signup! Most former soldiers ("warriors?") will not and DO NOT speak of their experiences over there. It was brutal. I agree and applaud you for addressing this issue which to me was and is a partial means to address this deplorable situation. Can you imagine trying to "import" these Amerasian kids in the present contentious conditions -- it would NEVER happen due to "THEM" being NOT the "RIGHT" color, facial featured, etc. individual. What a travesty. You have addressed this issue with integrity and compassion. Thank You!
  4. Cowpuncher

    Chapter 1

    Withholding comments while awaiting the next stimulating chapter which will give me a better idea of it's potential. But so far so good and looking forward to reading the next posting.
  5. Cowpuncher

    Santa's Visit

    A unique story. Of course the old Gold coast crowd in the WINDY City would really like it! The Santa Bear picture in the upper right will give me "eye candy" to use tonight.
  6. Cowpuncher

    The Winner

    Yet another great story. I need to now catch up with the CJ and Owen stories so I can get up to date to prepare for the "Ranger" story line. Keep up the stories. I just wonder if you stay up until the WEE Hours writing as I am aware that it must take LOTS of time and devotion as well as headaches (due to BRAIN overload figuring out the story line and sequence) creating your unique stories. I am very impressed and THANK you for providing me, and I am sure many others, many wonderful hours of reading!
  7. Yet Again-- another great story. I have not logged (he-he) into Cry Boy until recently, but this story I remember reading years ago. Keep up the superb writing. We readers enjoy well constructed, interesting and realistic, sometimes even WITH suspense, stories. Thank you again for giving us enjoyable reading.
  8. Cowpuncher


    You are most welcome. I do love your CJ, etc. stories. Your dialogue is right on as far as I am aware on politics and the "Washington" "speak" as well as your geographic description as I have been in and around there years ago and STILL don't like the trafic on the "Beltway" --hopefully you don't have to subject yourself to that "shit" very often!
  9. Cowpuncher

    Chapter 3

    Sid: If I "punched" the cows (especially the bulls) they would probably punch back!! I am too busy now feeding them and keeping their waterers "UNFROZEN". THANKS FOR THE REPLY. AM LOOKING FORWARD TO READING MORE CHAPTERS AS WELL AS SOME OF YOUR OTHER STORIES.
  10. Cowpuncher

    Chapter 3

    Great story to this point, BUT a real time quirk developed, with the "knife" revelation. Good thing that Lucas is hopefully now out of the "danger". Rest of the story, I hope, is more positive!
  11. Really enjoying the story so far. The ABBA song text in the prologue was good preparation for the story AND They are one of a few of my FAVORITE groups. Having been a semi owner/driver among many other experiences, brings me closer to Mary Ann and YES, I knew another female driver and a dispatcher that would have give similar responses as did your character. Your graphic geographical entries as to northern lake and woods physicality, leads me to believe that you have actually been in Minnesota, as Deer River, Minnesota on Mn. hwy 210 nis very close to Duluth ( U of Mn -Duluth) (where my uncle lived) as well as to the casino up the road. As to black persons in that area, there are not many except in Duluth and so there is some problems at times, but "Minnesota Nice" is usually the "law of the land'. So far a VERY BELIEVABLE tale. In my opinion, from having read prior stories you wrote, you are an exceptional, entertaining writer. Thank you!
  12. Cowpuncher


    What is wrong with MACHO?
  13. Cowpuncher


    We NEED a continuation or sequel to this great story !!
  14. Like A very few of the TV mystery programs I like ---- you never know WHAT until the END!
  15. Never read a story by Carlos that I didn't enjoy or had me thinking! looking forward to reading.
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