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  1. thanks for this story. Just read it over the last few days. has the navy not picked up on the tracking signal yet?
  2. Interesting story. Why the name Nick? Is this just a possible dimension to the story or am I missing something already?
  3. uccleman

    Chapter 1

    Thanks for the story. I've only just started reading your stuff and I really appreciate your work. I'm not sure about Karma but I do believe in the power of love to transform us, I do mean power, not simply sentiment.
  4. I could believe that you would kill them off, (just) I could believe that you would allow the sex. What I couldn't believe was that you would do it as quickly as that. Good chapter!
  5. uccleman

    Chapter 48

    Just finished reading to this chapter. Great to read a story of guys with a bit of maturity. Please don't give up on it, looking forward to the rest.Thanks.
  6. As a married man, father, brought up in a time when it was even more difficult to come out, I have to describe myself a bi. However if i had the chance to be completely gay, would i take it? Probably yes. But does that mean I would cease to be bi?
  7. I've not read much on this site until recently, but am going to read a lot more. This story is frighteningly real. But I am not out and can't conceive of how I could come out to my wife. Neither have I been as self controlled as the character (and Altimexis) and that probably troubles me the most, doing stuff behind her back. I would appreciate knowing more Altimexis of your own autobiography.
  8. I enjoyed the story, as I've enjoyed other stories by this writer, they are well written. But I felt this was much too optimistic, I'm sorry. I think the reality would be a lot of lives messed up and perhaps that would make an even better story. But thanks for the story all the same.
  9. uccleman

    Chapter 1

    If you say in the closet, I mean I was in the closet. The door was closed, locked even I didn’t want to go there. Or so I thought. It was Friday when I went to the sauna. Not a gay sauna just an ordinary local authority sauna in a town in the north of England. I actually enjoy the sauna experience: the heat, the cold, the sense of freedom and of course seeing other guys naked. The thing about the north of England industrial area was that there was much more openness by ordinar
  10. uccleman

    The Closet

    A young man's story. How he comes to accept and then revel in his sexuality.
  11. Welcome to GA ~!~

  12. Hey there, welcome to GA! :o)

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