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  1. I'm not too sure why I am writing this (revision procrastination is the most likely answer). 

    I joined GA as a young teen; for me this place was a secret, an opportunity for me to be me. An opportunity for me to explore that terrifying thing that I knew about myself. Terrifying at the time because of how I thought family, and friends, and strangers would react to me. GA allowed me to learn about this world, and about myself. 

    GA is how my parents found out. GA was left open on my laptop (idiot), and I was invited by my mum and dad to sit down for a 'chat.' 

    It wasn't fun. 

    It wasn't bad, though. 

    Looking back it was 1000% better than some of the stories you hear.  But to a teen having people find out your deepest secret was soul-destroying, even if they were some what accepting. 

    I've grown a lot since then (Thank God). The majority of the fears I had were just that; fears.

    My parents knew for years but it wasn't until I found myself a partner that I felt confident (ish) enough to actually be myself. My friends knew (or at least suspected), my family knew (or at least suspected), so me throwing my boyfriend at them as a way of coming out was only initally surprsing to them (I really think I did a better job at hiding). 

    The crap I was worried about as a teen did not materialise, it remained locked in that part of puberty where we're all left with our thoughts. 

    Life is good (ew), we all have ups and downs, but at this time I'm enjoying it all. 

    I don't really know why I wrote this, I should be revising, but I logged back on here after a while away. I became quite upset - which is weird-  looking back at the people I used to talk to, the friends I had made, the stories I had read, the many hours I spent on GA. It's sad that I lost contact but I am happy with how GA helped me grow, and I'm happy with how I turned out! So, Thank You.

    Yeah... back to the books.

    Sorry for the essay :) Muchos Love All ❤️ 

  2. Penblwydd hapus, Bachgen!

    1. Bachgen Cymraeg

      Bachgen Cymraeg

      Diolch Marty! Mae'n ddrwg gen i am ateb yn hwyr!!!

    2. Marty


      That's okay, Bachgen. Better late than never. :) 

  3. Happy Birthday you Sexy Welshman! :D

  4. Happy Birthday, Bachgen! I hope you have a great day! :) How's neuroscience coming along? My middle kid is studying that too.

  5. Bachgen Cymraeg


    Krista! Why? I bloody loved the build up. I wished we could have had more time with the couple Great story though
  6. Thanks so much for the story like! Hope you enjoyed the latest chapter :)

  7. Happy Birthday to you Bachgen.

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