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  1. JimCarter

    Chapter 18

    Welcome back and thanks for this wonderful chapter. My love of the Granger series brings great big smile to my face. 😃 Love having you b ack.
  2. JimCarter

    Chapter 62

    Welcome back, Mark. Your return will please a whole lot of us. I'm sure you know now we'll become demanding again when you don't seem to be writing fast enough to satisfy our insatiable need for more. I for one will try to be somewhat patient. Again, glad to your stories come up in notifications.
  3. JimCarter

    Chapter 22

    I totally agree.
  4. Happy Birthday Jim!

    1. JimCarter


      Thanks bro


    1. JimCarter



  6. JimCarter

    Chapter 23

    I hope you are not going to make cliffies like this a habit. Too nice a story for th at.
  7. JimCarter

    Chapter 13

    Why doesn't Rory ask his dad for help? I would think the current alpha would be able to shed some light on how to proceed.
  8. JimCarter


    Yep, enjoyed this start. I look forward to more soon.😁
  9. Glad you are enjoying Horny. A little milder than Granger,but a pretty good read.😎✔
  10. Happy Birthday  Jim! I almost missed the party.:music:

  11. Happy Birthday, Jim :wizard: 

  12. Happy Birthday Jim!


  13. JimCarter

    Chapter 10

    Well, I truly wonder if Granger is a little jealous of Mr. Ward being able to provide Freddy a place to stay when he really can't. I know that George can easily raise that green eyed monster where Freddy is concerned. I think this is going to be an enlightening voyage for several people.
  14. JimCarter

    Chapter 9

    I hope that Spenser doesn't hold a grudge over Granger protecting his decision to punish Freddy somewhat the same as the GUILD asshole.
  15. JimCarter

    Chapter 8

    It may prove that Granger can stop the Freddy duel only to be pulled into one himself. Hell if Spenser was a good administrator he would have yellowed that old admiral out on the spot. Admirals have to take orders too. All of your chapters seem to leave me wanting the next on tomorrow, but this one is much more so. Mark please don't wait for the next holiday to post the next chapter!!!!
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