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  1. Orange is a nice colour SNATCH!!! 🧡 🎃
  2. I was being nice Told you to watch out for whales..Whales eat penguins Grrrrrr Bad Penguin !
  3. Taking a swim, Penguin. Looks cold though.. Watch out for whales
  4. You can use the pumpkin Zombie avatar now, I found a better one :funny:

  5. Someone at work told me it’s ”Champagne Day” today and I was like ”nope can’t be, BOP would know”
  6. Halloumi is growing on the halloumi tree, everyone knows that Tomorrow pizza lol
  7. Eww ! No thanks.. I had "Västerbotten cheese sticks" today at my local Max burger joint.. That and a halloumi salad - I try to eat more vegetables..
  8. Yay, I was having so much the entire day 💙
  9. It’s gonna be a full moon on Halloween this year - yikes!
  10. penguin can... erm.. with fly so cute
  11. I prefere pizza with pineapple snatch
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