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    Chapter 11

    Chapter 11 Daniel needed to leave the campus before Sam woke up. He had promised Michael that he would help find a good place for Michael to take his date and Daniel was determined to help out. Another purpose to this was surely to keep his mind off the issue between Sam and him. Daniel needed to go out and clear his mind so that he could think properly. There must be a way out of the arrangement, Sam couldn’t be serious. But all that would have to wait for later. Michael was already waiting at the campus gate when Daniel called him so together they set out in hope of finding the perfect spot for Michael’s date. Daniel could see that Michael was not ready to settle for anything less than ‘perfect’. Michael had tiny ribbons sticking out of multiple pages on a book containing information about the best places in the city. Michael had even searched the internet and noted down the best items available at each place. Heading into the first café Daniel noticed that it had floral wallpaper and the staff was dressed in brown and blue clothes. The people in the café seemed to be enjoying themselves if the happy voices of patrons filling the air were anything to go by. “So what do you think? Good place? Bad place?” Michael questioned nervously scratching his chin. “The ambience is nice. Let us try out some of the food,” Daniel answered. Daniel ordered a slice of rainbow cake while Michael asked for a lemon tart. The food however failed to impress them as much as the ambience. The rainbow cake was dry and the tart was missing the signature tangy flavor. With the food being a letdown the first café was struck off the long list that Michael had compiled. One down, plenty more to go! **** Sam turned in bed as thoughts of the previous evening came back to mind. He hadn’t intended to threaten Daniel but he surely didn’t have any other choice. He was obsessed with that boy and Daniel was threatening to leave! He couldn’t have allowed that! He had obviously come beyond caring about right and wrong. Even though he had said all those things Sam had no intention of carrying through his threat. It was just a one off thing, something that he had said in a moment of panic and he wouldn’t let it come between Daniel and himself. Sam climbed down from the bunk bed and glanced in the direction of Daniel’s study table hoping to see him there. It surprised him a little to not see Daniel at his study table at 10am on a Saturday since he had known Daniel to routinely spend Saturday mornings studying. Sam strolled over to his own study table and sifted through the papers on his desk trying to find a note from Daniel. Daniel always left a note at Sam’s desk when he went out. Surely it was there somewhere. Finding no note despite a frantic search, Sam finally whipped put his cell phone and dialed Daniel’s number. The phone rang and the ringtone gave away with no one picking up. The next time he dialed the number, the call was promptly dropped. Sam’s lips pressed into a hard line as the line went blank. ‘There are no books on Daniel’s desks. He always has something on his desk. Unless…he changed rooms! Shit!’ Sam ran his hand through his hair frantically. *** “You find something wrong with every place we try,” Daniel accused. “I am just looking for the best place,” Michael reasoned. “Sure,” Daniel rolled his eyes as they settled down in the bistro. They had already visited the first 5 places in Michael’s list. Having been out in the sun for the past 3 hours, Daniel was relieved to enter the air conditioned bistro. It was a small little place but the atmosphere was really homely. The walls were decorated with paintings in fancy frames. The menu was filled with names of delicious desserts and snacks. This bistro held promise for the duo. “The reviews say that the rainbow cake here is really good. Let us try one of that and a swiss roll for now,” Michael suggested. “Sounds good but do they have a sample platter? You have my tummy pretty stuffed already,” Daniel smiled. Daniel felt the phone in his pocket vibrate again. Sam had called thrice already but Daniel had no clue about what to say to Sam. Just thinking about the previous night and how Sam had looked and the manner in which he had spoken intimidated Daniel. He had witnessed a side of Sam that he had never known to have existed. Sam had used his mother’s job to make him stay. Going by the way Sam spoke it seemed quite plausible for him to actually do something if Daniel tried to escape. After all Sam’s step mother owned the company where Daniel’s mother worked. A beautiful girl in a pale green floral dress stepped into the bistro as Michael examined the menu and the prices specified. The girl went and settled down on the sofa in the far end of the room. From his place Michael had a clear view of that side of the bistro. The door opened again and this time the person who entered caught Michael’s attention. The young man waved at the young girl and they hugged right in front of Michael’s eyes. Michael had never seen the girl before but he knew this young man. This was the man who had been ruling Michael’s thoughts for the past two months. Here he was, hugging a girl. His hand curled into a tight fist as he watched the girl kiss Mark on the cheek. Mark looked happier than he usually was. He seemed almost at peace. Who was this girl who was capable of getting such a gentle expression on Mark’s face? “Are you okay?” Daniel enquired, seeing the irritated look on Michael’s usually calm face. “I don’t like this place. Let’s go,” Michael answered after a moment. “But we already placed our orders. I will just ask them to get it all packed. Are you sure you are fine?” “Yes. I will wait outside,” Michael said as his frown deepened. The girl was running her hand through Mark’s hair. Mark was always very particular about his hair and didn’t like anyone touching it but now that this girl was messing up his hairstyle there was no resistance from the fellow. Mark just sat back and grinned. It was true that there was nothing more than friendship between Mark and him but seeing him with this girl was hurting Michael. He couldn’t get his eyes off Mark’s happy expression, his smile was almost blinding. But the fact that someone other than him was responsible for making Mark this happy filled him with the dark feeling of jealousy. Michael placed some notes on the table and excused himself. Cool wind blew on his face as he walked out into the street. Not even the fresh air could help ease the tight feeling in his chest. Michael had been used to letting things go all his life but Mark was someone too precious. No matter what, he wasn’t going to let Mark go! He would never force Mark to like him or ask him to return his feelings but seeing Mark with that girl was doing things to him—dark emotions were swelling up in his heart and he had no way of putting a stop to them. Daniel knew something was wrong as they walked back to the campus. Michael’s expression was a good enough deterrent for any questions. Although Daniel was worried, he realized that it would be best to let Michael be till he wanted to talk himself. Pushing him would possibly add to his annoyance. Michael gave Daniel a weak smile before retreating into his room. Daniel unlocked the door and stepped in to see that the lights were off. He breathed a sigh of relief as he turned on the lights. He wouldn’t have to face Sam right away. “Back already?” a low whisper and a soft breath behind Daniel’s neck gave him the chills. Turning his head back slowly he saw Sam’s impressive figure looming over him. Daniel wasn’t short but Sam was obviously taller than him. Sam’s face was unusually dark despite the light which provided a clear view of the deep frown that marred his sharp features. “I brought you some swiss roll,” Daniel tried. “From your little date?” Sam said placing his hands on the wall effectively trapping Daniel’s head. “Date?” Daniel gulped. Sam extended his arm and locked the door before turning back to Daniel. “I called you up a few times. I was worried,” Sam mouthed icily. “Actually…” “Actually you were enjoying your date so much that you didn’t feel the need to pick up your phone.” Sam took the bag from Daniel’s hand and placed it on his desk. His eyes didn’t leave Daniel’s face as he walked to Daniel’s bed and sat down on the mattress. “Open your shoes and come sit,” Sam stated. “No, I am fine here,” Daniel said as he pulled off his sneakers. “I said come and sit here,” Sam said sternly, his tone leaving no room for refusal. As he crossed the short distance between the door and his bed, Daniel tried to guess what would happen to him in a few moments. Guessing was the only option since the expression on Sam’s face was giving nothing away. Daniel settled on the bed right next to Sam with his back turned. He felt strong arms curling around his slender chest and a sudden shift of weight onto his back as Sam rested his head on Daniel’s shoulder. The calm and cool breaths that fell on Daniel’s shoulder surprisingly felt soothing to him despite the source. “Actually I…” Daniel began. The silence was making him uncomfortable. “Shhh…” Sam cooed into his ear as he placed soft kisses on Daniel’s neck, “Will you go on a date with me tomorrow?” Sam’s voice was moderated and composed. There was no tinge of the threatening attitude he had showed the day before. What was happening? Would it be possible to sort out the mess that they were obviously in at that moment? Even if it were otherwise, did Daniel even have a choice here? “I think we could go out tomorrow…” Daniel uttered. A pulse ran down his spine as he felt Sam smile against his neck. Somehow Daniel didn’t feel threatened anymore. “Great! Let us have some swiss roll then!” Sam announced as he jumped off the bed and fetched the package from the desk. What was Samuel thinking? Would tomorrow hold the answer to the question? Daniel sure hoped so as he bit into the swiss roll that Sam held up for him.
  2. I will work on the dialogues keeping in mind your suggestions. When I began writing the story I had a very layman understanding of contractual obligations. Having had the opportunity to study about this topic in greater detail I have realized the lack of conceptual accuracy in the story. I will try to rectify these mistakes in the coming chapters. Thank you very much for pointing out the faults. I am glad you liked the storyline.Thank you for reading!
  3. Someone needs to breath some sense into these guys
  4. Thank you so much for your suggestions! I will attempt to incorporate them in writing from now on!
  5. I am really sorry about that. I made a mistake about the last thing copied onto my Clipboard and hence the mistake. Thank you for letting me know! I have the chapter up. Please do give it a read and let me know what you think. Thank you.
  6. I am so sorry. I just noticed. Thank you for pointing it out. I have the chapter up properly this time. Sorry for the inconvenience. Do give it a read. Thanks again.
  7. Chapter 8 Xavier’s POV I always thought that all the talk about people looking gentle and innocent in their sleep was a bunch of crap. Trust Louis to prove me wrong. He looks so sweet and guileless lying right next to me on my bed. He is beautiful, truly so. I think I should call in sick today. That way I can spend the entire day with Louis. It doesn’t seem like a bad idea actually. I don’t want Louis to think that I am being clingy. Fine I will go and get ready for office. But seriously who wants to go to boring old work after such a fabulous night and waking up next to such a beauty. At least Louis can sleep in for a while; he can take the day off if he isn’t feeling up to it. Maybe I went a bit overboard last night. After all we were doing it till the morning. Believe me I really tried to control myself but seeing Louis like that right in front of me was enough for any kind of control and sense to leave my body. If the condition in my lower region is anything to go by, I think the sense isn’t back yet. Although I have been able to salvage some control. I definitely need to go and take a cold shower immediately if I want to let Louis rest. *** This morning was surely something. Louis was up by the time I was out of the shower and he gave me the most gorgeous smile. He wished me good morning in the sweetest voice ever. Yes I know I am grinning like an idiot. I can tell from the curious look Louis is giving me. Somehow this feels good, so relaxing? “Sir you have a meeting with Mr. Davon Costa in an hour,” Louis reminds. Shit! The meeting with Davon is today. It completely slipped my mind. Louis’ POV “Sir you have a meeting with Mr. Davon Costa in an hour,” I inform. Xavier’s expression changes as soon as he hears me say the name. I think he just worded ‘Shit’. Who is this man? As far as Mr. Thompson informed me he is the CEO of a rival company named Capesco. As far as I have seen, Xavier is really confident and he knows how to deal with even the most arrogant of people. This man Davon must be someone of great stature for him to be able to make Xavier nervous. “I have the files regarding the proposal ready. And I co-ordinated with the Secretarial Department to get the information on Capesco’s employees that you asked for,” I say. “Huh? Yes show me,” Xavier says, clearly distracted. I pick up the green file from the pile on my desk and hand it over to him. He nods curtly before focusing his attention to the file I gave him. I have to say that the work here is quite stressful but Xavier is always there to lighten up the mood. Seeing him looking this way is a tad bit strange for me to. I might as well get back to my work now. **** “Sir it is almost time for your meeting. Should I go down and check if Mr. Costa is here?” I remind. “You are not going anywhere,” Xavier states. “Excuse me?” I question. “There is no need for you to go and meet Davon. You work here. I will talk to you after the meeting.” “Mr. Thompson said that Mr. Costa is a very important person in the business. So I should atleast introduce myself to him.” “I said that there is no need for you to come. I don’t need you following me around everywhere,” Xavier stresses. “I didn’t mean it that way…” I start. “I don’t care which way you meant it. Don’t forget that you are my subordinate. You don’t have the authority to go against my word.” “You are misunderstanding,” I try to reason. “Am I? You really need to learn to keep your personal and professional life separate. Don’t go around with strange ideas because whatever you might have in mind is not going to work with me.” “No! Please I wasn’t trying to challenge you.” “Well you would better not. It will do you good to know your position.” Before I can say another word Xavier has his hand up, gesturing that he doesn’t want to hear another word. Without sparing me another look Xavier walks out of the room. I am an idiot. The biggest idiot there is. I let my tears flow freely knowing that they are the only way of releasing the ache that is engulfing my heart right now. He just implied that I slept with him in an effort to get favours at work. I don’t know why his words hurt me so much. How could he think that way? Does he really think that way about me? Well why won’t he? He was clearly making fun of me this entire time. It was so clear. I don’t know how I never noticed it. It was right in front of my eyes! I am sure he must have really enjoyed himself seeing me looking that needy and willing last night. How could I have not seen it when it was so obvious? I need to get back to work. I rub off the tears that keep rolling down my cheeks with the back of my hand only to have another stream of tears replace them. I feel angry, humiliated and really hurt. Well I guess I deserve this. After all it was my choice to sleep with my boss. He can think of me in whichever way he wants but I can’t let what he thinks affect me. I have to be strong. Xavier’s POV I am the idiot who can’t keep his personal life separate from his professional one. What was I doing back there? I am sure Louis hates me by now. Well I very well deserve it if he does, seeing the way I spoke. There is no way that I think of Louis as a gold digger. Let us not forget that I am the one pursuing him and not the other way round. What I said back there was so rude, cruel actually. I don’t know what had gotten into me. I just didn’t want him to meet Davon. No way in hell am I ready for Louis to meet Davon! I feel a serious urge to punch the face of this brown haired man sitting right opposite to me. Just look at him smirking at me. Davon Costa is known to be a Casanova and his interest is said to lie in pretty boys. For him it is all like a game, a challenge to make them like him and then dump them afterwards. Everyone in the upper ranks of the businesses in town knows about Davon’s reputation. And if we are talking about pretty, there is no way that we can exclude Louis from the list. I don’t own him and I can’t make choices about who he wants to be friends with. And so once again the businessman in me has decided to take over and do whatever the hell he wants. I just want to make sure that he doesn’t even think of coming down for the meeting, that way he isn’t going to meet Davon and everybody gets to go home happy. Everybody meaning me of course. “Mr. Costa here is your copy of the contract,” Ben’s words bring me out of my thoughts. “Thank you Benjamin,” Davon flashes his well known business smile. “Trying to poach our staff was a bad game Davon,” I speak up. “Well I had to do something to get your attention,” Davon says in a matter of fact manner. “So you like losing to me that much?” I smirk. “Look at who is speaking. I am better at every single thing. You are lucky I am not into women or you would have a hard time finding someone who wouldn’t choose me over you,” Davon states nonchalantly. Such a comment deserves nothing more than an eye roll. Davon Costa is my acquaintance from childhood and long time rival. Our fathers worked in the same field so naturally Davon and I met much more frequently at various events than I would have liked. We have been competing in terms of our professional life for ages now. Davon came out with his sexual preference when he was 15 years old. From what I have heard he has had a string of affairs with pretty boys. I am not the type to intrude on someone’s personal life so I don’t know how much of the rumours floating around are true. Although given the attitude he sports it doesn’t really seem impossible. *** I am glad Davon didn’t fuss too much about the contract. Now that the meeting is finally done I better go and apologize to Louis for my obnoxious behaviour. I didn’t think the meeting would take up such a long time but I should have expected it considering Davon keeps thinking that I will try and dupe him at every chance I can get. The elevator to the top floor is undergoing maintenance right now so we are all downstairs. Dad and Ben were with me during the meeting so that leaves only Louis on the floor. We were notified about the maintenance work this morning so Louis must have come down. I wonder if he is working from the Secretarial Department now. Ben is speaking with the young girl who is working as Davon’s secretary. Dad is speaking with an associate from Davon’s company. Davon is in the washroom to fix his hair or something. That guy seriously likes to fuss over his appearance at any given hour. Someone teach this man some manners, making his staff wait like this. From where all of us are standing, in front of Conference Room 3 I can get a clear view of the door to the washroom. I would like to see how his hairstyle changes after his styling session. Finally Davon has decided to come out. His hair looks just the same just a little wet. I wonder what he was trying to establish. And no he didn’t use the washroom to answer nature’s call because once again he is super suspicious of me and everything here and in his own words he doesn’t want to catch some kind of disease from using washrooms here. I can vouch for the fact that our washrooms are cleaner than those at Capesco Headquarters. Now I am speaking utter rubbish. I can’t help but laugh at this sudden train of thought. As I look up in front of me, my smile is ready to fade and a grimace is replacing it. What is Louis doing with Davon? And why is he talking to Davon so happily? Why is Louis talking to him even after I asked him not to do so? Shit I am going after them. Before I can step forward I feel a hand on my shoulder. Looking back I see it is Ben. “I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to go after them right now,” Ben advises. *** Louis’ POV I hope they have managed to find a desk in the Secretarial Department that I can use for a few hours. I wish they had informed us about the maintenance work a little earlier. On top of that I got all depressed over Xavier’s words and forgot all about it till Mr. Thompson called me up to remind me. I am being so distracted lately, no wonder my boss shouted at me. Yes that is right. I have made a decision. I am not going to let my personal life affect my professional life. Sure I slept with him twice. It is clear that he sees those two as isolated incidents not to be repeated again. To say the truth it hurts a lot to think that Xavier just wants to forget that he was ever with me. But I can’t forget that he is my boss and he is going to be my boss for atleast the coming 3 years. So I should take a lesson from this and move on. This is probably something he does to all his secretaries. Maybe that is why all of them quit so fast. But I won’t give up. I will not quit. Besides even if I did want to quit I know that I need this job. Easier said than done. I feel like hell. I had no idea that I would be faced with this kind of a reality when I woke up this morning. Woke up on Xavier’s bed. I can put this behind me and concentrate on my work if I try. No other way out. I have to forget what happened! The people in the Secretarial Department are friendly. They arranged to have a desk brought out from the storage closet for me to use. Now that I think about it I had joined thinking that I would be working here. That was before the COO of this company arbitrarily decided for me to work as his secretary. I guess he was just looking for some entertainment. Entertainment done now it is time for work. This sucks! If I had known that it would turn out like this I would have never gone to his house yesterday. Perhaps that is why he thinks I am easy. I never thought he would think about me in this way. I guess I need to freshen up a bit and clear my mind. The cool water sure does feel good. “Could you please pass me a tissue?” someone next to me requests. There is an empty box of tissues beside the sink on my right. The cleaning staff should take care to restock on tissues. I take one out from the box beside the sink I was using and hand it over to the person. Looking up to see the owner of the voice I find a tall man standing next to me. His chestnut brown hair looks like it has taken a lot of time to set. His expensive suit and tie are surely designer ones and the expensive watch on his wrist goes on to add to his superior image. I feel a bit out of place standing next to him. “They need to keep track of when the tissues run out,” I blabber nervously. “Yes they sure do. Thank you for the tissue,” he says holding up the wet tissue in his hand. I manage a smile unsure of what to say to him. “I am Davon Costa,” he extends his right hand. I look up at him for a second in utter confusion. Is this the man that Xavier was supposed to meet today? I reach for a tissue and wipe my hand dry before shaking his hand as I realize that I am being rude. “Nice meeting you. I am Louis Brown, secretary of Mr. Xavier White,” I compose myself. “Oh! I didn’t see you in the meeting though,” Mr. Costa gives me a doubtful look. “Actually I was caught up in preparing some reference material for the project which is why I was unable to attend the meeting. I hope you were treated well Mr. Costa,” I make up an excuse. “Certainly, I was well cared for. I haven’t seen you before. Are you new?” “Yes sir. I joined last week,” I smile as I step out of the washroom along with Mr. Costa. Xavier is standing outside the conference room with Mr. Thompson and the Company President. I know about my decision but one little glance won’t make a difference. Is he looking at me? He didn’t have to make such a face, I wasn’t planning to bother him. Turning his back on me is absolutely unnecessary too. I get the message Xavier so you don’t need to go all out to express yourself! “It is too bad that you couldn’t make it to the meeting. I was hoping to discuss certain details regarding the requirements of the next meeting with Xavier’s secretary today,” Mr. Costa says glancing down at his watch, “It is almost lunch time and I am really hungry. Do you think you could join me for a lunch meeting today?” “Oh sure sir. Will you be leaving for lunch right now?” “I would like to head out now. Is that a problem?” “Not at all sir. I will just go and get my iPad.” I will show Xavier that I can do my job properly! *** Xavier’s POV This is not okay. Definitely not okay. Louis left my lunch on my desk and just left with Davon. I am going to kill Davon if he lays a single finger on Louis. This is all my fault! I should have been more careful. I upset Louis unnecessarily and now he is outside with that guy. Ben obviously knows or atleast has some amount of idea regarding what is going on. If not for Ben stopping me I would have probably dragged Louis away from Davon. I just don’t get it. Why would Louis go out with Davon? There is no way that they know each other from before and Louis isn’t the type of person to go out with people he doesn’t know. Well he did go out with me, so… Now I am being plain obnoxious. Davon must have said something or done something to convince Louis to go. The door cracks open and Louis peeks in. Slowly he opens the door and steps into the room. Without a word he comes to my desk and picks up the lunch box. I need to say something. “Where were you?” I question. “I was at lunch with Mr. Costa, sir,” Louis replies curtly. His tone is cold and detached. The usual cheer is missing from his voice. “And you didn’t feel the need to inform me? What did you talk to him about anyway?” I don’t mean to question Louis but I am really annoyed with him for going out alone with Davon. “You were busy. I didn’t think it would be appropriate for me to disturb you. Mr. Costa requested a meeting with me which is why I accompanied him. I will give you a full report about the meeting by the end of the day. I will get back to work now, sir,” Louis smiles before walking back to his desk with the lunch box in his hand. Louis’ voice is icy cold and his smile is not like the ones I am used to, it is a fake professional smile which I am accustomed to using. I should have known Davon was behind this. Wait, why am I blaming Davon? I am the idiot here. Trust me to ruin everything just when it is about to get good. Idiot, idiot, idiot!
  8. Xavier's dad isn't really the type to ask questions regarding Xavier's life as long as he is doing his job well. However Ben has been looking after Xavier from his childhood. Ben will be doing the questioning regarding Louis a little later. I agree with you. Both the guys have a problem of overthinking the simplest things and complicating them. I am sure it will come as a shock for Louis when he learns that he is the first guy Xavier has been with. I think he will learn about this a little later. Depending on how the relationship between Louis and Xavier progresses Louis will have a stand on various things happening around the office. Xavier does have experience with a number of women but he is a bit confused this time about how to handle his attraction towards Louis.It is as difficult for Xavier as it is for Louis. They just have different ways of handling the issue. I am really glad that you liked this chapter. Thank you so much for your detailed feedback. I promise I will work on the areas that you mentioned!
  9. Chapter 7 Xavier’s POV “Dad it’s a work thing,” I lie as I pick up my phone for the nth time during dinner. I am seriously going crazy. Maybe I rushed it and now I have no choice but to wait for a reply. It has already been a week since Louis went out for dinner with me so I decided to invite him out once again. In pursuance of this end I dropped a text stating ‘Dinner tomorrow?’ The issue here is that I haven’t received a reply yet. He has apparently seen my text but hasn’t bothered to reply. Should I drop another text just in case? That might be a good option but my ego prevents me from doing so. Also I would like to keep my hopes up. I plan to keep this hope up till he refuses me flat out on my face. How hopeless! I know. I sigh as the thought of being rejected straight out comes unbidden in my mind. “Xavier it is bad manners to concentrate on your phone rather than your old parents when they invite you over for dinner,” Ben scolds. “I was just giving you guys to catch up on the romance you see,” I joke. “How considerate,” my father states in his characteristic sarcastic tone. “That is how I am,” I shoot back. “So how is the thing with Capesco going?” Dad asks. “No business over dinner,” Ben chides, “One more word about work and I am seriously going to consider going off on a vacation alone.” As soon as Ben finishes his sentence dad turns to him, the panic clear on his face. “Nothing about work. Don’t worry,” Dad tries. “I think you need to clearly tell dad that you aren’t being serious. I am pretty sure he will have a panic attack, emotional breakdown and heart attack just from the thought of you leaving itself,” I joke. “Your dad knows that I am joking,” Ben squeezes Dad’s hand, “I am too used to having him around so even thinking about being alone makes me miss him terribly.” Dad’s face relaxes visibly. The smile is back on his face and he is talking cheerfully again. It may seem like a joke but I was quite serious about my father going through a breakdown without Ben with him. It has happened once before and it surely wasn’t a pleasant thing. No one would believe that the person who scares the living daylights out of elite businessman, the one running such a big business empire would be so attached to someone that he wouldn’t be able to function normally without him. But that is how it is with my Dad and Ben. I was 15 years old at the time and Ben had to go back to his hometown for a month to settle some family issues. That was the first time that he had been away from Dad for a prolonged period since they had first met. They had been together for 10 years already by then so one would think that a month’s separation wouldn’t do much harm. One couldn’t be more wrong. Dad was working really hard to establish himself in the company and he was as hard working then as he is now. The day Ben left; Dad was more or less fine. The problem began from the next day. My father refused to go to work or even get out of bed. He looked absolutely dead from the inside. The only time he smiled during the day would be when Ben called. And believe me he smiled a lot when Ben called. It was definitely scary for me. It seemed like Ben had some kind of a switch which would control Dad’s mood. My Dad is a really strong person and it was really weird for me to be seeing him like that. I had known that Ben and Dad were in love but it was during that one month that I realized the true importance of it. “So what made you decide on keeping the same person as your secretary for the next 3 years?” Dad asks. “Well I thought I would give Ben a little rest from all the hiring and firing,” I joke. “I am grateful for that,” Ben laughs, “Looking for secretaries for you was really taking its toll on me.” I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. I know I want to take a look and respond if it is Louis. Lately I have the feeling that I have returned to being a teenager in part. Nowadays I tend to spend my free time staring at my cell phone hoping for a text message to arrive. Not that I hate the way things are going. It gives me something to look forward to each day. Oh! To hell with looking cool. The truth is for the past one week I have been fascinated by Louis Brown, my personal secretary. It isn’t like I haven’t tried but I just cannot get him out of my mind. You would think his image is stuck in my mind. Well actually it is. I spent one magical night with him and now I can’t stop myself from behaving like this. I snake my phone out from my pocket and glance down slowly while fiddling with my fork with my free hand. No reply. Double blue ticks confirm that he has seen the message. I am waiting. Where is the reply? Perhaps I am being too impatient. Fine I will check again after I am done with dinner. *** Nothing, not one word. Louis is going about his work like nothing has happened. To say the truth nothing has happened. I think I might have been too pushy and hence the reaction. No way! I have been on my best behaviour for the entire week. I am sure he enjoyed himself last time we went out. That or he was just being polite. Louis is standing in front of me with a file in his hand. He looks distracted. I am glad Ben is helping him learn the ropes after work. He is a fast learner from what I hear. As his boss I am not disappointed. However as a person who is interested in him, I am in doubt. “So I sent you a text yesterday,” I say. My fingers are running over my eyebrow, my attempt to look casual. Obviously not. “Yes,” Louis squeaks. “Okay then. I just wanted to make sure nothing was wrong with my connection,” I take the file from his hand. Louis makes his way back to his desk without another word. This is childish, I should just ask him if he wants to have dinner with me or not. The operative word being ‘should’. “What is for lunch today?” I ask. Louis peeks up from the file he is arranging. I wonder what I like about him. His hair is shiny and has quite some bounce to it. His eyes have a really nice blue colour to them. He cooks well, very well in fact. He makes sure that the office is always clean. He is incredibly sexy without knowing it. There I said it. He is sexy. And I am being a weirdo. I am overanalyzing this! “Sandwich. I was a little out of groceries so I couldn’t put anything else together,” Louis confesses. “So let me take you to buy your groceries. Since you have been cooking such delicious food for me I will be paying as thanks and then we could catch a movie and have dinner,” I jump at the opportunity. For a moment Louis’ eyes glow. I know that he is having some problems with his finances. Being the businessman I am I feel there is nothing wrong in taking advantage of the weaknesses of others to get your work done. Well everybody does that, atleast I am honest enough to accept that. Moreover he genuinely doesn’t have enough to buy himself good food and I think I have enough money lying around to feed him for a few days or a few months if the need arises. That is enough conceit for one day. Louis’ POV Well this is awkward—being brought back to the exact place I kind of ran away from. I shouldn’t have agreed to come in the first place. It isn’t Xavier’s fault that there was no place empty in any of the food joints nearby. This isn’t really so bad a situation if one were to think of my financial situation at present. Xavier paid for all the groceries and also brought me to his house so that we could have dinner. He isn’t a bad conversation partner so I don’t really see that big of a problem in me coming to his house. Except he is my boss who I have slept with. “What’s wrong?” Xavier questions as he sees me shaking my head. “Oh! Nothing. I just wanted to say thank you,” I manage. “It isn’t a big deal. Are you up for pizza?” Xavier suggests. “That sounds good,” I smile. “Toppings?” “Spicy chicken and mushrooms.” “A fan of spicy food?” I nod in response to his question. Xavier takes out his phone from his trousers’ pocket and quickly places our order. As he turns to face me I can see a curious expression on his face. I can’t quite make out what he is thinking. “I didn’t think you would actually agree to coming here. Seeing as last time you…” Xavier starts. “So what film are we going to watch?” I attempt to distract him. This is not good. I don’t want to think about what we did inside this house. The thoughts keep coming back to me again and again no matter how much I try to forget them. Having Xavier around me all day isn’t helping my case in the least. And now that I am back in his house the thoughts are hitting me with full force. The sound of the door opening brings me out of my reverie. I didn’t notice when Xavier left the room. Xavier is standing in front of me in a black t-shirt and cargo shorts. He looks like a model right out of a fashion magazine. I will never admit this to anyone but I am insanely attracted to this man. I have been so from the first time we met. Why else do you think I went home with him? Why else am I still working for him? Well the contract and I am in serious need of money but the fact that my boss is so hot contributes towards my willingness to work for him. Yes I know that kind of stream of thought won’t necessarily bring me the Employee of the Month title. I might seem shallow but I haven’t really felt this type of physical attraction for anyone other than celebrities. Also he is usually really nice to me so that just adds to his appeal. I cannot believe I am thinking about my boss like this. As Xavier said this is separate from work. So I can pine after his body all I want. What am I speaking about? I am going mad for sure. “Hello?” Xavier snaps his fingers, “Pizza is here.” “Oh! Where are the plates?” I scamper out of my seat. “I got them all here while you were spacing out,” Xavier gives me a boyish grin. “Sorry I was just thinking about how this must be as awkward for you as it is for me,” I blurt out. Shit! “Not awkward for me at all,” Xavier replies nonchalantly. I follow him to the other end of the room. The living area doesn’t have much furniture. We cross a staircase leading to the next floor. Must be nice for rich people to live in penthouses. There is a big television screen mounted on the wall and a large number of speakers of different sizes on the floor on either side of the screen. Xavier holds up a Bluray disc of ‘Fight Club’ in front of me waiting for my approval. I nod my head enthusiastically. I love this film, I mean who doesn’t? I take a seat on the long black couch directly facing the screen. Xavier puts the disc into the player and takes a seat beside me. He hands me a slice of pizza on a plate. It does look tasty. “I want to show you something,” Xavier says just as I am about to take my first bite of the pizza. “Hmm,” I raise my eyebrow as I bite into my pizza. It does taste really good. Turning his back to me Xavier peels off his t-shirt. I am stunned for a moment. What is he doing? Should I leave or should I stay? Once his t-shirt is off completely I see what he is trying to show me. Faint red lines run all over his back. It looks like someone scratched his back really bad. He eases into my touch as I trace the marks with my fingers. I can’t stop myself. My hands are wandering along his back of their own accord. I bend down and place little kisses all over the marks. This is weird but I just don’t want to stop! He smells nice, really nice. I am just trying to justify my attraction towards him. “You better make them heal seeing how you caused them,” Xavier states. Me? This means I did this during that time that we were together in this house? I know I should leave right now. I don’t have much confidence in myself. I want to touch him and the need is overwhelming. Without thinking I rest my head against his back. “Fuck being patient,” Xavier utters as he suddenly turns. His lips are over mine even before I realize what is happening. Once I realize that Xavier is kissing me I reciprocate with full force. My mind is blank. I don’t care if he is my boss or anyone else. His hands feel so good. Did I just let out that moan? Yes it most definitely was me! Why am I letting this happen? I know that I should leave while there is still time. But the fact lies that I don’t want to leave. It is as though my body is no longer under the control of my mind. My body seems to be under Xavier’s spell. My lips part to allow his tongue entry into my mouth. His muscular tongue softly caresses the inside of my mouth, stroking my teeth slowly. I can’t hold back, I moan into his mouth as my hips buck up to meet his hardened member. “Shit,” Xavier mutters. Does this mean he wants me to go? I guess so since I am working for him after all. Why did I have to like his body? I should just leave! “Don’t move,” Xavier commands as he pushes me back onto the couch. He quickly picks up the plates and the pizza and makes his way to the other side of the room. Before I can compose my thoughts Xavier is back in the room. He has two things in his hands and I recognize both of them as necessary for what we are about to do just now. Placing the things in his hand on the table in front of the couch Xavier greedily recaptures my lips. This is insane. I know that I should have left while he was gone but I want this! I haven’t been able to forget about him this entire week. It isn’t as if I haven’t tried. I have tried to think of him as just my boss. But the fact is that I want this man, just once more. I want to know whether it was the alcohol making me feel so good or was it Xavier entirely. I am just making excuses for myself, I don’t know why I am behaving so but oh this feels so good! My hands help Xavier as he unbuttons my shirt. The heat is unbearable and it is coursing through my body as his hands touch my skin, leaving a line of heat wherever he touches. I sit up and Xavier takes off my shirt. His lips begin to leave a path of soft kisses all along my chest. This is insane. Why am I doing this again? Because it feels so good, I want more. “Yes tell me what you want,” Xavier urges in response to my moans. “You! I want you,” I cry out winding my fingers into his hair. When did he take off my pants? I buck my hips into his hands as he begins to stroke me. Sweet, long strokes with his beautiful long fingers wrapped around me and squeezing me tenderly. My hips have gained a life of their own and they are actively encouraging Xavier to continue his ministrations on my body. One hand comes up to tease my nipples as he ducks down and flicks his tongue over my length. I can feel the pleasure building up gradually as his hand runs up and down my length in a steady rhythm. I don’t think I will be able to contain myself for much longer. I am trying to wait, to prolong the pleasure. I can’t, not anymore. I need this, I know I do! “Ahh uhh. Yes, yes Xavier right there! Ahhh!” I come noisily coating Xavier’s hand in my pleasure. My eyes flicker open as the exciting high subsides. The beautiful man in front of me has a satisfied smile on his face. I can’t take my eyes off him as he opens the bottle of lube and tilts it so that the clear liquid flows down his hand and onto my entrance. My entrance twitches in response to the coldness of the liquid over my heated skin. Bit by bit he pushes one and then two fingers into me. His eyes are on me, the look he is giving me is adding to the anticipation. This is unreal; my fantasy seems to have jumped out into reality. My body tenses as I hear the sound of pants being unzipped. My eyes follow him as he pulls on a condom over his member. I want him so bad that it is shameful. Xavier withdraws his fingers and begins to rub himself against my entrance. This is it, I am absolutely sober and I still want him just as much! I revel at the fullness as he pushes into me. There is a deliciousness in having him inside me. He begins to place little kisses along my neck, stopping to nip at my collarbone. What is this man doing? I don’t think I understand. I know that my body has handed itself over to him and the pleasure he is giving me as my head dips into the couch seat. My legs are wrapped tightly around his waist and he deftly eases in and out of me as I relish the wholeness each time he pushes himself back in entirely. My head jerks up as he stops his movement. I clench tighter onto him urging him to move but he remains unrelenting. “Come sit on top of me,” Xavier rasps as he pulls me up and takes a seat on the couch. Xavier drags me up so that I am sitting on his lap. I feel so much fuller now. The pleasure is so much more intense. I think I am reeling and I hold onto Xavier’s shoulders to steady myself. I can feel his hands grasp my hips. I join his efforts as he pulls me up and down over himself. The feeling of him inside me is taking over my senses. The sensations are too much for me to bear. Glancing down at Xavier’s face I notice that I am not doing too shabby a job myself. This is what he is doing to me! He is making me feel sexy, making me understand that I can make him feel this good. I squeeze him tighter as his lips come over mine and I grasp his shoulders tightly. I know I am close, I can feel my climax building. “I am coming. Xavier I am coming!” I scream as I release my satisfaction. “Damn you are so hot,” Xavier utters as he thrusts faster into me, prolonging my orgasm. He thrusts into me a few more times before calling out my name and holding me tightly. I slump onto his chest as I recover my breath. I can hear his heart beating fast right next to my face. My flushed face is pressed against his well toned chest. Xavier is moving his hand over my hair as I snuggle closer to him. “That was so good,” I confess. “Yes it was,” Xavier smiles down to me and places a kiss on top of my head.
  10. Amikawrite


    I could not stop myself once I started reading the story. The way you depicted the dimensions of the human psyche is astounding. The portrayal of cruelty and the nature of the torture gave me chills. The character of Adam was so intense and you gave it so many layers that the occasional sweetness he showed had me hoping that he would change. I am so glad that you treated the story line in the way you did. Lian was truly a monster and the detailing just made it even more scary. Nye was just the sweetest ever and I kept praying for him to realize that Adam is slowly destroying him. I have to admit that I am usually not one to be interested in reading any story involving hardcore BDSM but I am so glad that I read this story. It is definitely among the best stories I have read in my life. Thank you so much for writing this story.
  11. I am so glad you are liking it. Thank you so much for your support.
  12. Thanks. I will get to work right away.
  13. I hope you find that person soon. Keep looking and if that person can't value you he probably would be super dumb and not worth it.
  14. Thank you for telling me about your doubt. I will work on explaining that part in the chapters to come.
  15. Chapter 6 Louis’ POV I should probably send a text thanking him for tonight. But I already thanked him in person. It is just a text. I don’t want to be rude. What should I write? ‘Thanks for tonight. I look forward to your next treat’ sounds good. No! He will think I am asking him to invite me out again. Just simple thanks should be enough. What is the use of sending out a text if I just write thanks? There is no need to write anything at all. I will thank him again tomorrow. How unprofessional! True I shouldn’t discuss a private dinner during business hours. It was a nice place and I liked the food. He was fun to talk to. I love his beard. It makes him look so cool. He is actually very cool. All the girls at the restaurant were staring at him like crazy! And now my thoughts seem disjointed. I better get to sending out that text. I pick up my phone and open the messaging app. Xavier looks nice in his profile picture. Solid colours do make him look better. I will just drop a message. And then I can get back to staring at his picture. I am just having a look, that is all. ‘Hi. Louis here,’ I write, ‘Thanks for today. J’ Will he reply? I guess not. I will take a shower before going to bed. I leave my phone on the bed. I don’t think it is such a good idea to carry my phone into the bathroom. Xavier’s POV I am so stupid! Why did I have to spout out all that nonsense today? Just because I was asked a question didn’t mean I had to answer it. Forget about going out with me again I am sure that Louis thinks I am a creep now. I would be lucky if he turns up for work tomorrow. It is a good thing that we exchanged numbers today. Yes it is supposed to be meant for work but I happened to give him the number to my personal cell. An honest mistake you see. Not. It won’t be a big problem since Ben has my work number and all my other numbers as well so he can contact me if the need arises. Also I just went through my vacation pictures just to have a good picture for my messaging profile, I wasn’t going to waste the effort by giving Louis my work number. I am bored with work. I am fed up of dealing with the mistakes of these incompetent subordinates of mine. I swear I am going to go on a mass firing drive one day just for fun. Why won’t they ask me if they don’t understand something? I would guide them but they have to come to me first. Also what is up with all the rubbish presentations they keep making? I don’t need so many diagrams of the same data. It was a good thing that I had Louis to chat with. It was fun to distract him during the meeting. Louis has a smart mouth. I never know what he is going to say next. Oh! A notification. I sure hope it isn’t from the phone company. I pull down the notification tab on the screen. A message from Louis. I think I am done with work for tonight. I close my laptop and climb into bed. I can feel the smile that is coming over my face. ‘Hi. Louis here. Thanks for today. J’ the message reads. ‘Hey. Glad you had fun.’ I reply. So…I am waiting for him to reply. It has been 10 minutes already. Has he gone to sleep already? Probably. I guess I will go back to work then. I finally thought that I would get the opportunity to behave like a teenager and fuss over the person I like. Guess that isn’t going to happen. Yes I am that bored, bored enough to be sarcastic with myself. My phone pings as I get out of bed. ‘What do you want for lunch tomorrow?’ the message from Louis reads. He replied! Now I have to say something that will keep the conversation going. Looks like I am back to being a teenager. ‘I am fine with whatever you are planning to make. I wouldn’t want to seem like I am too demanding.’ I reply. ‘What is up with you being so considerate?’ Louis replies. ‘Just trying to impress you ’ ‘Hidden agenda. I see. ’ ‘I really like your pic btw.’ ‘Thank you. I really like the way you style your beard.’ ‘Try telling that to my dad. He keeps insisting on me shaving it off.’ ‘Don’t shave it off. L It looks good on you. Even hotter than stubble.’ Dad I love you a lot but there is no way you can get me to shave my beard now. Not after I know that Louis finds me hot with my beard. It really feels like I am back in high school. ‘I meant better than the stubble,’ Louis writes. Did I mention how cute Louis is? ‘I liked the ‘incorrect’ message better.’ I joke. ‘I was thinking about getting stir fried noodles for lunch tomorrow,’ Louis texts. ‘That sounds good.’ ‘With lots and lots of veggies!’ ‘Veggies? ’ ‘You do realize that your heart will burst from all the meat you consume if you don’t eat your vegetables.’ Louis texts. ‘^Look at me being so concerned about your food habits. ’ Louis follows up. ‘I am sure you will get my food habits back on track with your yummy cooking.’ I text. ‘Flattery isn’t going to take you too far. Just saying.’ I am fine with however far it takes me. I will manage the rest of the way to your heart. Well that was a cheesy thing to say. ‘I don’t flatter. I am just making a prediction.’ ‘Now you’re back to being weird :3’ ‘And you are back to being mean to me :’( ’ ‘I am just being frank.’ ‘Frankly you’re really mean L’ ‘Frankly I am awesome.’ ‘Actually make that adorable.’ ‘Adorable? Me? ’ ‘Absolutely. And sassy and wild too. ’ ‘Revenge for me being mean?’ ‘I am just stating the truth.’ ‘I am sleepy. I will talk to you tomorrow. Good night.’ ‘Have a good night. Sweet dreams.’ Well that was nice. Now I have the energy to work again. *** “Good morning sir,” Louis greets as he walks into my office. “Morning,” I smile. Louis puts down a cup of coffee on my desk. I really need my daily dose of caffeine to get me started. I sip into my coffee as my eyes go back to the document open on my screen. Capesco Enterprise is surely making a lot of problems for me. Davon Costa is trying to convince some of our best employees to quit and join his company. I am going to teach that guy a lesson but first I need to save the company from losing its elite workforce. I am currently going through the research document from the HR department. It states that Capesco is offering higher salary and better perks to get them to change over. They are offering revenue points in the sales of their new products. Not a bad offer indeed. But this offer seems awfully conceited. What is this new set of products Capesco is planning to launch? It is as if they believe that they are guaranteed a hefty profit. I should find out some more about their new line of products. In the meantime I need to arrange for a team building outing. I am definitely not letting Davon take off with my crew. *** Louis’ POV Xavier seems quite tense today. Although I have been working here for only one day so this possibly is his work face. He was playing around yesterday so I did not notice but he looks really dedicated towards his work. Or maybe I am just looking for a way to praise him now. On that note, what was I doing last night? I kept messaging him saying random things last night! For a moment I think it had slipped out of my mind that he is my boss. Should I apologize for the nonsense I said to him? I think that would be the best thing to do. Well he seems awfully busy right now so I will tell him when he is free. The phone rings for the first time this morning. Mr. Thompson arranged for the calls to Xavier’s office to be handled by the First Secretary Department yesterday but I have to handle them from today onwards. I can do this! I have been practicing at home. Also I Googled how to use this type of a phone with multiple lines so I think I will do alright. Hurry up before it stops ringing! “Good morning. Um…this is Xavier White’s office. Can I help you? I mean how could I be of help, which is of assistance to you?” I state. I need to practice more, I sounded too nervous! “Oh! Shut up with your nonsense. Hand over the call to Xavier!” a lady with a squeaky voice screams from the other side. She doesn’t have to be this rude; it is my first time doing this. “If you would be kind enough to state your name please,” I say clearly irritated with her manner of speaking. “Rachael,” she declares with an air of arrogance. “Rachael what?” I question. “Just tell him my name, he will know. My name is too precious for me to tell you,” Rachael spouts. Yes because you belong to the Royal Family of Stuckups. “Just a moment ma’am. I will get right back to you,” I roll my eyes as I put her call on hold. I don’t feel like disturbing Xavier to ask him about taking the call from this lady. I am considering not telling him about it at all and disconnecting it as a little punishment for her high handedness. I should not let my personal issues affect my conduct at work. Fine I will ask him, although I definitely do not want to. “Excuse me sir,” I clear my throat to get Xavier’s attention. “Yes?” Xavier says without looking up from his screen. “Miss Rachael is on the phone and is keen on conversing with you,” I state. Immediately Xavier’s eyes dart up to look at me. I can sense a little bit of panic from the expression on his face. Who exactly is this Rachael? Don’t tell me she is his girlfriend. I swear I am going to kill Xavier if she is. I can already feel the anger and tinge of pain bursting through my calm exterior. What right do I have to be angry? Yes that is true. I don’t care. “Tell her that I am…dead and…I am happy…in hell,” Xavier fumbles. “What?” I ask. This is confusing. “I don’t know. Just get rid of her please,” Xavier pleads with his hands up in the air. I really don’t understand what is happening here but I am ready to follow my boss’ instructions here. I walk towards my desk and pick up the receiver, I reconnect with the call. “I am sorry ma’am but Mr. White is not able to receive your call at the moment,” I say. “What? Why not? Did you tell him that I am calling? You must have not mentioned my name,” Rachael accuses. “I am sorry ma’am but I cannot help you,” I inform. “You stupid fool. I am coming over right now! Wait till I tell him about your obnoxious behaviour! You will have your termination letter in your hand by the end of the day!” Rachael warned. What is up with this woman? She calls me obnoxious but has she ever heard the way she speaks with people? Xavier doesn’t want to talk to her so he will surely not want her coming over during a work day. I need to get her to back off. “Ma’am you are most welcome to come over,” I can see Xavier’s eyes going wide and him mouthing a ‘No!’ as start my my sentence. “It would be great if you could get some air fresheners and some toilet paper on your way here. Actually Mr. White is working through a severe stomach infection. You would have to be here to realize the strength of his farts, they are like bombs,” I notice Xavier is laughing as he hears me speak, “Also some toiler cleaner would be of great help. We can’t get the stains off the washroom. You would think his stomach exploded from all of that.” Xavier is on the floor now. His hands are pounding the floor as he laughs. I am waiting for Rachael’s reaction. The other line is silent for some time now so I wonder if she fainted. “What? Ewww! Shut up and do that yourself. I am not coming over till he is not all hot and sexy again,” Rachael states. “I can assure you that he retains his hotness and sexiness even though he is ill. I am sure he will appreciate your visit greatly,” I am trying hard to suppress my laughter. “No way! I am not coming!” Rachael shouts. The phone beeps as she violently hangs up. “That was awesome and pretty gross. I can’t stop laughing thinking about how she must have reacted,” Xavier says as he sits back on his chair. His booming laughter is filling up the room. “Well she said that its eww and I should shut up and arrange for the toiletries myself. Also she stated that she would not consider coming over until you are hot and sexy again,” I mimic in a similarly squeaky voice. “I liked that part where you stated that I retain my hotness and sexiness despite my illness,” Xavier smirks. “So that is your girlfriend?” I think out loud. Damn he wasn’t supposed to hear that. I didn’t realize that I said that out loud. I am really going to get my termination letter in my hand by the end of the day if I am not careful about what I say. Not that I want to know about his girlfriend, especially if it is her. Or anyone else for that matter. He shouldn’t have taken me out and spoken so sweetly if he already had a girlfriend. Why give a guy false hope? I was determined to think of it as a one off thing but he is the one who made me think otherwise. It is his fault entirely if he has an issue with his girlfriend regarding this. I am probably over-thinking this. I need to calm myself down and get back work. And stop reacting to every single thing! “Girlfriend? Rachael?” Xavier is looking at me like I am crazy. I simply give him a sideway nod. “Hell no! That was Rachael Allensky. Her father is a sub contractor for our company. I met her at a party a few months back and for some reason she thinks I am into her. Her father’s firm makes really good quality products otherwise I wouldn’t have thought twice about cancelling his contract. Rachael keeps pursuing me like crazy. Believe me our office has all her numbers blocked but she keeps calling from a different number each time. I hate that attitude of hers, she acts like she owns the world and everyone is bound to listen to her and fulfill her demands,” Xavier explains. “Well she does seem very rude,” I confide. “I hate people like that,” Xavier shrugs. “Everyone does,” I agree. “Thanks for saving me from her,” Xavier laughs. I smile at him and he smiles back. For a moment there it seemed like there was some connection as our eyes met. For just that one moment we seemed so in sync. Now wouldn’t that be wonderful?
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