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  1. Petey

    Lost and found

    If he’s at all smart he’d make sure Seamus was registered as a legal guardian along with himself. No better way to tell Seamus he’s not going anywhere
  2. Petey

    Chapter 5

    So Dad likes young girls and Vicky found herself an older guy....hmmm
  3. Petey

    Triple Trouble

    Well I don't think that is the kind of threesome any of the guys had in mind, lol. Cliff is a real a-hole, out for only himself. Can't wait for karma to pay him a visit!
  4. While I may not be happy with the direction some of your characters take, I respect you as the author to tell your story. I, as a reader, can choose to read or not read without attacking the author. I have just begun to read all your stories and want to tell you how much I am enjoying your writing!
  5. Sometimes we think that we’re so good at keeping secrets, but that’s not always the case; just ask Maya
  6. Petey

    Days in the Sun 1

    As Chris is having the recurring dreams he feels himself absorbing what is in the books. Does that mean he will eventually have special powers? That would make quite the power couple!
  7. Petey

    Part Two: Soaring

    “It does not speak for the Lord, not any longer.” ”Love is never wrong, not for men and not for angels.” Such words of truth. ❤️ Thank you
  8. Petey

    Part II, chapter 3

    Totally agree. A real friend would have risked the fact that Christy might not believe him, but it seemed inevitable that cheating Alex would be caught with his pants down. At least Jake was there to support her when she found out. Now just hope she's not pregnant! Nor sure what the big plan was that Alex was referring to before.
  9. Petey

    Part II, chapter 2

    Jake seemed to be obsessed with an idealized version of Alex and is gradually accepting a more realistic version. Wonder what his plan will be?
  10. Petey

    Part I, chapter 1

    What a strange couple of religious freaks, seems everything is a sin except child abuse.
  11. Petey

    Chapter 29

    I know I'm in a minority, but I"m glad to see Helen leave. Full disclosure - I live in a rural area that has been discovered by "Helen". They have to remind you of how much money they have (my husband has so much money.... I sell mansions), you're not successful until they discover you , you're not well dressed til they dress you and you're not healthy til they tell you. I'm happy that Sean values what Tyler and the family are and have. Everything isn't always only about money.
  12. A person dancing on a dining table in a restaurant, not sure the health department would approve ( I know I wouldn’t be having my dinner without clean linens and cutlery 🤢)
  13. Petey

    Part V, chapter 15

    While Jess is riding high, has she thought what she will do when her current supply of meth runs out? Her source is now gone.
  14. Petey

    Part V, chapter 13

    Don’t think many addicts get the kind of Christmas miracle Jess is hoping for.
  15. Petey

    Chapter 11

    Somehow I feel that Gianna didn’t really understand what Angelo said. It wasn’t the feelings he denied but where and when it was revealed. Angelo perhaps understands the homophobia of his family better than Gianni and chooses to hide his feelings. Like Gianni, the lustre and romance I felt had definitely lessened.
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