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  1. This begins one of my all time favorite story saga's. Well worth the read.
  2. mikemcb

    Chapter 7

    Well this chapter provided a driveway moment. Well done!
  3. Hi Mike, I'm happy to send you greetings for a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May you have a FANTASTIC day and a SUPER year guy :)

  4. I have lots of favorites and they seem to shift a bit as time goes on. For main stream, quirky and odd, I like Jim Butcher's "Dresden Files" and Jennifer Estep's "Elemental Assassin" series of books; For thriller and bang, bang, shoot em’ up, Vince Flynn and Mark Greaney are both excellent; Brandon Sanderson writes excellent fantasy books and I have read most of his stories at least twice. I think it’s a tribute to the Brandon when Robert Jordan’s (king of the epic fantasy book) wife selected him to finish the “Wheel of Time” books. I would have to pick Ken Follett as one of my all time favorite authors. Jamie DeValen’s series The Scrolls of Icaria is an exceptional body of work and just a damn fine story. I just pray he’ll finish the story. On the Gay Author’s website I like dkstories’s work and my favorite is Mark Arbor. Mark writes some of the best dialog I have ever read. It is very difficult to feel like you are actually part of a conversation as you read it, and he does that very well. I like Reddirtwriter’s work mostly because follows along the same vein as the Walt Longmier series by Craig Johnson (another favorite mainstream writer). I have re-read the stories by Dom Luka, Jack Scribbe and David McLeod many times and they are still great reads.
  5. Happy Birthday Mike, I hope you have an AWESOME day and a GREAT year my friend :)

  6. thanks for posting this chapter. I was afraid you had lost interest in the story and I am really enjoying reading it. Thanks for sharing you work.
  7. Hey... didn't I say hello already. I'm getting careless. Welcome to GA hun :)

  8. This is just a personal reaction, but I don't want to read any more of this story. I am aware that it's fiction, but I have found this story line so disturbing that I don't want to read any more. I loved the first River and Silver story and this one upsets me. Maybe that is the reaction you are going for in your readers. Thank you for sharing your works. I am envious of your talent for telling a story, and that is excellent whether or not I like the story or not. Mike
  9. Dan's stories certainly put him up there with the other cliff-hanger specialist. I can't wait to see what happens next.
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