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  1. huktaunluv

    Chapter Thirty-Six

    I could be way off base because let's face it, I am, but what if you made Noah's mom a deeply, heavily-closeted lesbian? It would explain her vehement determination that being with someone of the opposite sex works. Other than the occasional affection she showed her children, I don't think I remember Noah's mom having a healthy relationship with her husband. It would also explain her overly hurtful use of religion to control those around her. She went through some serious 'convergence therapy' at the hands of her parents. She did what they wanted her to do in order to make them happy. It's just a thought, you don't have to use it. Good luck with the final chapter.
  2. Well, well, well, that's the reason why Dave's father is such a bastard. He broke off his engagement to the woman he loved because he was too proud to say, sorry. He then went and settled for someone else in her place. If he married Maria instead, Dave never would've been born, and he'd be Nick's uncle. It's crazy for two fathers to let their grudge escalate and carry over into their son's lives, great parenting. Wow!!!! Nice curveball, Thorn. I didn't see that one coming. I bow to you! Nick and Dave's first real talk was a great step. Nick's talk with Evan about what he's been through was cathartic for him. Nick wants to be healthy and adjusted, and he's taking the necessary steps to get there. Dave needs to do something his father never did, let go of his pride. The constant fight within himself to love Nick so much, but chooses to live without him because he's afraid of getting hurt again would only hurt him more. Once they each find their path, everything will fall into place as it should. Bring it on! I'm ready for chapter 14!
  3. I've only had time to read but not comment on the chapters posted. I'm helping my cousin with his brand new restaurant, and it's taking up all my time. I'm exhausted. My thoughts are from the last seven chapters, so forgive me if it sounds like rambling or weird because of my sleep deprivation. There's a lot of hurt going on with Nick who's punishing himself by dulling his senses with drugs and alcohol. Dave who is numbing himself by not feeling the full brunt of Nick's infidelity. Dave knows his hearts broken but is using his attraction for Patrick to keep him from processing what he needs to in order to properly move on. Ignoring Nick and jumping into a relationship with Patrick weren't the best things for Dave. Nick and Dave's inner thoughts are what you would expect of teenagers. The turmoil is real and angsty. Glad Nick realized his drug use was getting out of control, and ended his sexual relationship with Brian. Dave realized he was still in love it Nick, and needed to break up with Patrick was expected. I wanted more from Dave when Nick put himself out there. I thought Dave would speak his peace. I was hoping for more emotions specifically, anger. I wanted Dave to tell Nick exactly how much he hurt him and couldn't get back together because he destroyed the trust they'd built. They need to talk, not have sporadic sentences, but talk. There's no way either of them will get over the other until they do. Matt is an awesome friend. He tells it like it is without trying to judgmental. Alan is upset, but it's nice to see he doesn't treat Nick with indifference. Happy Mel got to the point she reached out to Nick because she missed him and their friendship. The other people from Nick and Dave's past who had or still have problems with them are interesting. It's cool to read who let go of the hate and who held onto it, even though it has nothing to do with them. It's weird for his aunt to contact he and Zoe after being away for so many years. The ongoing progression of Dave and his mom's relationship is awesome. If Dave's father keeps up his nasty treatment of his son, he'll find himself on the outside trying to find a way back in. Nick hasn't hit his rock bottom, but when he does, he'll need a therapist. He has emotional baggage someone his age shouldn't have to go through. His parents did a real number on him. They've emotionally stunted him. He grew up in an unhealthy household with an absentee father and a basketcase mother. Talking the rape might help too. Writing music is a good outlet for Nick, but a therapist would help him over the wall he repeatedly keeps running into. I think that's it. I hope I covered everything. If I didn't, I'll come back and add it later. Loving every bit of book three, and I have my fingers crossed for Dave and Nick!
  4. I'm disappointed. Not in the chapter, but in the fact that Dave and Nick haven't talked to get closure. They've both found comfort in other people but are ignoring the fact they haven't had the serious sit-down talk. They're waiting for the other to call, and when that happens, nothing gets resolved. No one wants to be the rebound relationship, especially after one as connected as Dave and Nick. Patrick seems to be what Dave needs at the minute, but he said it himself, Dave could leave him for Nick in the end. There's much for Dave and Nick to experience as the year progresses, and hopefully, they'll get to the point of reconciliation.
  5. It's easy to forget sometimes Nick is only seventeen and doesn't have the emotional stability of someone older, so his actions are on par for how he's acting. Dave was his first real relationship outside of his familial relationship with Zoe. It wasn't until he met Dave that he had this whole other life he never expected, which included friends. It's understandable he would crave to keep the connections he has left and satisfied his physical needs with Brian in the absence of Dave. The lyrics to Nick's song must be profound and raw. I can't wait until the chapter when you finally let the readers in on it.
  6. Dave spent his summer in Tuscany with his homophobic jerk of a father. If anything could ruin the beautiful landscape of Italy, that would do it. I love the relationship Dave and his mother are developing. This will probably play a role for them somewhere down the road. Dave and Nick will cross paths, and when they do, will Nick spiral more off course? I guess it depends on how Dave treats him. There's obviously still love between them, but can they overcome Nick's infidelity? Can they overcome Nick still seeing Brian? I hope so! Matt and Alan are too cute for words.
  7. Wow, work and inventory kept me away all weekend, and I missed so much. Alright, I'm disappointed in Nick when it comes to Brian, and them having an occasional tryst. He started using pot to help him sleep. Will he use new drugs to help get through how difficult it will be to see Dave? Nick needs affection. It's not wrong to need it. As long as, it's done in a healthy way. What Nick is doing has self-destruction and self-loathing written all over it. What happens when Dave learns Nick hasn't cut ties with the man he cheated on him with? On to the second chapter...
  8. I'll be back later to leave a comment just realized what time it is, and I have to go to work.
  9. Dave's slow realization of Nick's infidelity you handled perfectly. It was subtle and not overblown. Dave loves him. Nick broke his heart and trust in a way that's not easy to get past. Matt did the right thing by being truthful when Dave asked him. Forgiveness is something given over time of healing and reflection. Dave will eventually forgive Nick, but Nick has to forgive too. He has to forgive himself and his mother. If book one and book two are indications of the ride you're taking us on for book three, I need to prepare myself mentally.
  10. I loved the talk with Dave and his mom. Her choice of words and thoughts although misguided, she explained them with a thoughtfulness I was not expecting. Now, onto Nick, there's no way he can hold off for months of not telling Dave what he did while in Birmingham. The weight is too heavy a cross to bear judging from his reactions when he was with Dave. The suspense of how it all comes to light has my mind running through crazy scenarios. Definitely can't wait for the last chapter, and for book three to come my way.
  11. Nick finds himself twisting in the wind trying to hold onto the two solid things in his life: his music and Dave. His reasons for not telling Dave are the thoughts of a desperate man, who has everything to lose. Nick has to be the one who tells Dave because hearing it from someone else will make it harder for them to work things out. He placed Matt in a difficult position, too. How can he act normal when he knows the truth? Brian is not out of the picture. I'm sure he'll come sniffing around at the worst possible moment. I'm okay with you posting another chapter tomorrow... 😉!
  12. Yeah, I'm angry with Nick. He was hurt and angry with Dave for mistakenly insinuating he's cheating, and then, he goes out and cheats, makes absolutely no sense. They've been through a lot as a couple and always had each other's back. Now, during the first real test of their relationship about fidelity, Nick turned to drugs and another man even after Matt warned him of Brian's intentions. I want to feel sorry for Nick, but I don't. Dave's going to be heartbroken when he learns Nick betrayed him by cheating. I don't know where you're going to take the rest of the story, but I hope things work out, as they should.
  13. So happy to have you back and posting again. I'm looking forward to the last five chapters.
  14. huktaunluv

    Chapter 14

    My only apprehension with the video plan is if it gets linked back to them, they could get arrested for child pornography considering Scott's underage.
  15. Please come back! I need to know what happens to Aaron and Slade. I like the revisions you made to the story. It's more well-rounded, and balanced. I hope you do finish the story. I have my fingers crossed. 

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